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Car door lock motors are also called electric car door lock actuators. This is because the car door lock motor is mainly responsible for performing the locking and unlocking operations of the car door. It is usually installed inside the car door and controls the door lock by receiving signals from the central locking system or the switch in the car.

As an electric door lock actuator, it has the ability to perform door locking and unlocking operations. Through the rotation of the motor and the conversion of the transmission mechanism, the power of the motor can be transmitted to the lock cylinder or the lock tongue to lock or unlock the door. Therefore, the car door lock motor plays a vital role in the vehicle's locking system.

To ensure safety and reliability, car door lock motors are usually equipped with protective features such as waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It can also quickly respond to commands and provide a convenient door opening and closing experience. Generally speaking, as an electric vehicle door lock actuator, the car door lock motor plays an important role in modern cars, improving the safety and convenience of the vehicle.

The car door lock motor will not overheat under normal circumstances. However, under certain abnormal conditions, motor overheating may occur, such as:

Long time operation: If the car door lock motor runs for a long time, especially under high load or high temperature environment, it may cause the temperature of the motor to rise, causing overheating problems.


Mechanical failure: If there is a problem with the transmission mechanism, such as sticking, friction or damage, it will cause the motor to bear a greater load, thus generating excessive heat.


Over-current or over-voltage: If an over-current condition occurs in the power supply system, exceeding the rated current range that the motor can withstand, it may cause the motor to overheat.

This thermal motor protector with dual protection against overheating and over-current developed by Haichuan Electronics provides reliable protection for the car door lock motor. 5AP/2MP thermal protector has the following features:

1. Dual protection function of over-current and temperature: This thermal protector can have dual protection functions of over-current and temperature at the same time, and can accurately control damage to the motor caused by motor stalling or excessive current. When the motor exceeds the set current or temperature range during operation, the thermal protector will trip in time to protect the safety of the motor.

2. Miniaturized design: The thermal protector is small in size and suitable for the installation needs of micro motors. It can be flexibly installed in a limited space without occupying too much space.

3. Quick tripping performance: The thermal protector adopts a combination of bimetallic sheet and electric heating wire, which has quick tripping performance. When the motor is blocked or the temperature rises abnormally, the thermal protector can quickly trip to effectively prevent the motor from overheating and avoid damage.

4. Precise tripping time: The thermal protector has a very precise tripping time to prevent the motor from overheating. It acts based on the sensed current and temperature, providing accurate protection.

5. Comply with environmental protection standards: This product strictly implements the European ROHS environmental protection standards and meets environmental protection requirements.


This thermal protector is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, including overcurrent protection of window motors, sunroof motors, seat motors, wiper motors, sliding door motors, regulator motors, toy motors, DC power tools and circuit boards, etc. It provides reliable overcurrent and overheating protection for these devices, improving safety and reliability.

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