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88/98 Series Over-current Protector Products | Haichuan Products | Haichuan
Engineering Information:● Rating:  3Amp~50Amp● Input Power:  125/250Vac 50Vdc 50~60HZ● Interrupting Capacity:  125Vac╳1000Amp ;  250Vac╳200Amp● Dielectric Strength:  1500Vac 1 minute● Resettable Overload Capacity:  10 times rated current ● Voltage Drop:  Less than0.25V● Insuiation Resistance:  >500M ohms● Reset time:  Within 60 seconds● Temperature Rise at Terminal Block:  Less than 65℃ at 100% of rated current applied continuously at 25℃● Calibration(at 25℃) 100% rated current : Hold, No- trip 150% rated current : Trip in 1 hour200% rated current: Within 40 seconds300% rated current : Within 10 seconds

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