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About HCET thermal protector17AM 7AM helps to improve the running stability of water pump

Thermal protection temperature control  refers to a device set inside motor or electric compressor to prevent overheating, which may lead to serious failure. Thermal protectors are widely used for water pumps because they are classified high-power machines.

In short, the most effective way to avoid overheating of the water pump is to install a thermal protector. This is a one-time investment, which can save you unnecessary maintenance costs.

November 30, 2022

How Thermal Protectors Help Improve Pump Performance

Because the pumps are high-power machines, their motors are easy to overheat, which paralyzes their operation. Problems such as mechanical failure, winding imbalance and overload will eventually damage the pump.

Thermal protectors may be all the solutions you need. Here's how these devices can help you:

Avoid dry burning and prolong the service life of water pump

In order for the pump to work effectively, especially in the borehole, there must be enough water to pump. In this way, when the required water pressure is met, the pump motor will be cooled.

However, the water level sometimes drops, causing the pump to start drawing air. This is called dry burning and may damage the pump or cause complete damage.

One of the main symptoms of dry burning is overheating. This can also greatly shorten the life of the pump.

The thermal protector has one or more thermal sensor elements connected to the motor. It will turn off the motor when heating starts, saving your pipes. This is a good way to keep the pipeline safe.


Save time and maintenance costs

The service life of thermal overload protection water pump is much longer than that of water pump without thermal protector. We all know how difficult and expensive it is to replace the pump. This is not only inconvenient, but also expensive

High quality thermal protectors like 17AM/7am can help you avoid all these problems. It controls temperature rating damage by turning off the motor. This is an automatic system without any problems.


Working principle of water pump thermal protector

The working principle of the thermal protector is very simple. For example, let's use 17AM. The core material of the device is copper nickel alloy bimetallic. It applies basic high school physics in operation.

As long as the temperature is lower than the working limit, the bimetallic disc will remain intact, thus completing the circuit. But if the temperature reaches the maximum operating temperature, it will bend and deform, cutting off the circuit. This prevents the motor from overheating.


When the temperature drops to the best, the bimetallic strip will reset automatically and reconnect the circuit. Therefore, the pump maintains efficient and safe operation.

 HCET Motor protector 17AM

Why HCET 17AM/7AM is selected in the water pump


It is very important to choose high-quality and durable thermal protection devices. This is especially true for the star model 17AM from HCET. This is a brand well-known for providing incredible pump protection solutions. It has the following advantages:


Individual temperature check

The effectiveness of a water pump thermal protector depends on how it works, in this case the HCET 17AM/7AM outperforms other brands as it checks the individual temperature.This means it detects the problem faster before it becomes a big problem.

They are extremely temperature sensitive and respond to temperature changes in the most accurate manner.

Top grade raw material 

When the temperature changes too frequently, the thermal protector with poor quality is easy to be damaged. HCET 17AM  is designed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and service life. This small tool has been used for a long time. You can completely forget to repair and maintain it.

Repeatable temperature performance

The thermal protector offers a long cycle with repeatable temperature performance. That means you can use it several times to regulate temperature issues, and it will still perform effectively. Some thermal protectors only have a single use, and that would mark their end.

Gasketed steel case

The gasket steel case on this device makes it perfect for more impregnation processes. You are looking at the best-performing thermal protector on the market.

Various selection of leads and insulating sleeves

It’s not by accident that the HCET 17AM/7AM  is the most durable thermal protection on the market. The various sections of leads and insulating sleeves give it a long service life and ensure top-notch protection for your water pumps.




The pump industry is finding more and more reliance on motor thermal protector devices. But since there are so many products on the market, it’s easy to choose the wrong one and have a not-so-pleasant experience. Choosing the HCET 17AM  means avoiding all those issues.

HCET  is a pioneer brand in this market that integrates high-end innovations and quality to bring you ultimate pump protection. If you have questions about the HCET 17AM , don’t hesitate to ask – a friendly customer support system is on standby.

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