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Antenna Motor Thermal Switch

Antenna motor motor overheating and overcurrent? We provide efficient and compact thermal protector solutions to monitor and protect your equipment in real time to ensure stable and safe operation. Choose us to ensure your wireless communications and radar systems are smooth and worry-free. 

March 06, 2024
Antenna Motor Thermal Switch

Antenna motors are mainly used in antenna control systems in the field of wireless communications, such as satellite communications, radar, aviation navigation, space-based television and networking equipment.

Antenna motors can also be used to control the retraction and positioning of adjustable antennas in vehicles such as cars and ships, as well as in other situations where precise orientation and direction control are required, such as TV set-top boxes, web cameras, security monitoring, etc. equipment. In addition, in fields such as radio radiation intensity testing, there is also a need to use antenna motors. In short, the antenna motor is a key hardware component that is widely used when high-precision antenna positioning and control are required.

The antenna motor will generate a certain amount of heat during normal operation. However, if it is used continuously for a long time, the power-on voltage is abnormally high, mechanical resistance or blockage, and the ambient temperature is too high, the antenna motor of the vehicle-mounted TV, radio and other equipment will easily Excessive fever occurs. For this reason, a thermal switch with dual protection against overheating and overload needs to be installed in the antenna motor circuit to ensure the safe and stable operation of the antenna motor.


The bimetal thermal protector with dual overheating and overload protection is usually installed inside the antenna motor or connected to the antenna motor circuit. When the antenna motor overheats and overloads, the thermal switch will respond immediately and automatically cut off the power supply to prevent the antenna motor from continuing to run and causing further damage.


At the same time, the double-protected thermal switch also has a repeatability protection function, which can automatically restore its normal working state after the antenna motor cools down, without manual reset. This kind of thermal protector also has a protective effect independent of the circuit system, so even if the circuit system fails, it can protect the antenna motor in time to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

The motor thermal switch is very important for the safe operation of the antenna motor, and can effectively prevent and avoid damage or accidents caused by overheating and overload.

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