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September 05, 2023
Application of HCET-A Series Temperature Switches on Tubular Motor | Haichaun

Tubular motors are a new type of motor, also known as multi-dimensional drive motors or flexible motors. Different from traditional rotary motors, tubular motors use multiple deformation methods such as torsion or bending to achieve work, so they can adapt to more complex and diverse application scenarios. Tubular motors are made of soft materials and are generally composed of multiple interconnected cylindrical motor units. The deformation control of these units is realized by controlling current and voltage.


Tubular motors are mainly used in occasions requiring fine positioning, high-speed motion and high torque, such as machine tools, textile machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, printing equipment, packaging machinery, automated production lines, vending machines, smart homes and other fields.


The tubular motor will generate a certain amount of heat during the working process. If it works in a high temperature environment for a long time, the temperature of the motor may be too high and overheating may occur. If the tubular motor continues to work at an excessively high temperature, it may cause problems in the following areas:


1. Reduced service life Excessively high temperature will damage the internal parts of the motor, resulting in shortened life of the motor and affecting its stability and reliability.


2. Reduced working efficiency When the tubular motor works at too high a temperature, the efficiency of the motor will decrease and the energy consumption will increase.


3. Causing safety accidents When the temperature of the tubular motor exceeds the rated temperature of the motor, the motor may be damaged or cause safety accidents such as fire and explosion.


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After installing the HCET-A temperature control switch on the tubular motor, it will bring the following benefits:


1. Improve safety: HCET-A temperature switch is generally realized by sensing the temperature change inside the tubular motor. When the temperature of the tubular motor rises abnormally due to failure or excessive load during operation, the temperature switch can automatically cut off Power supply to avoid safety accidents such as motor overheating that may cause equipment damage or fire.


2. Protection equipment: Since the tubular motor needs to run for a long time during the working process, it is prone to problems such as overload and overheating, which will affect its service life. Adding a motor thermal protector can detect and cut off the power of the tubular motor in time to protect its stable operation and prolong its service life.


3. Reduce maintenance cost: When the tubular motor is damaged due to overheating, it generally needs to be replaced or repaired, which will bring a certain maintenance cost. After the temperature switch is installed, it can effectively avoid the failure of the motor due to overheating, thereby reducing the cost and frequency of equipment maintenance.


In short, adding a thermostat to the tubular motor can improve the safety of the equipment, protect the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost. It is a very favorable electrical protection scheme.


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Advantages of HCET-A temperature switch


Wide range of applications: As a temperature switch that is normally closed, the HCET-A series can be applied to many different application scenarios


Quick response: HCET-A temperature control switch can respond quickly according to temperature changes, ensuring stable operation of equipment within the safe operating temperature range.


Safe and reliable: The bimetal thermometer of the temperature switch has no electrical connection part and no external power supply, so it has high safety and reliability.


High sensitivity: Because the bimetal thermometer can be slightly bent and deformed according to the temperature change, it is very accurate in detecting temperature and has high sensitivity.

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