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Application of HCET-A temperature control switch for driving power supply

HCET-A temperature control switch is a device widely used in drive power supplies. It controls the circuit temperature through the working principle of a bimetallic temperature sensing element. It has the characteristics of small size, flexible installation, stability and reliability, and sensitive temperature sensing. It is an efficient and reliable temperature control solution.

November 25, 2023
Application of HCET-A temperature control switch for driving power supply

LED driving power supply usually refers to the power supply used to provide power to other electronic devices or systems. It converts alternating current into direct current and provides stable, reliable power output as needed. Driving power supplies are commonly used in various applications, such as computers, communication equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation and other fields.

During the use of the driving power supply, overheating may occur. This overheating can be caused by a variety of reasons, including the following:

Excessive Load: If a drive power supply is connected to a load that exceeds its power or current rating, the power supply will be overwhelmed and generate excessive heat.

The ambient temperature is too high: If the driving power supply is in a high-temperature environment, such as in a confined space, windless cooling, or a high-temperature working environment, the temperature around the power supply will increase, causing the temperature of the power supply itself to increase.

Abnormal working status: The driving power supply may overheat under certain abnormal conditions (such as short circuit, overload, overvoltage, etc.).

Poor heat dissipation: If the heat dissipation method around the driving power supply is poor, or the heat dissipation equipment such as radiators and fans fails, the power supply cannot dissipate heat effectively, causing overheating.

HCET-A is a bimetal thermal protector used to drive power supply, using a bimetallic sheet as the working principle of the temperature sensing element. When the driving power supply is working normally, the bimetallic piece is in a free state and the contacts are closed or opened. However, when the temperature reaches the set operating temperature, the bimetallic sheet is heated and generates internal stress, which causes the contact to open or close and cut off or connect the circuit, thereby controlling the temperature. When the appliance cools to reset temperature, the contacts automatically return to normal operating condition.


HCET-A temperature control switch has the following characteristics. First of all, it is small in size and more flexible and convenient to install. This allows it to adapt to different drive power supply size and installation requirements. Secondly, HCET-A has stable operating characteristics and extremely high reliability, ensuring the accuracy and durability of temperature control. In addition, it has high temperature sensitivity and fast action speed, and can respond promptly and make corresponding control actions when the temperature changes.

HCET-A thermal switch also has the advantage of flexible selection of wire and nickel sheet connection methods, which is suitable for the design and connection requirements of different driving power supplies. In addition, each part strictly complies with European ROHS environmental standards and meets environmental protection requirements.


In terms of contacts, HCET-A snap action temperature switch provides normally closed (B series) and normally open (K series) contacts to choose from to meet different circuit connection needs.

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