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Application of HCET-B Series in diving sewage pump

The use of the HCET-B series temperature switch is recommended, which can accurately sense the ambient temperature and automatically switches the gear according to the set threshold, ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment in the working process.

July 24, 2023
Application of HCET-B Series in diving sewage pump

A submersible sewage pump is a pump designed to pump wastewater, sewage or liquid containing particles from deep underground or low-lying areas and put side by side to treatment equipment or discharge outlets far from the source. They are often widely used in areas such as urban sewage treatment, industrial drainage treatment, and agricultural irrigation.

Because submersible sewage pumps are installed in water, they are usually water-tight, corrosion-resistant and resistant to pollutants.

Dive sewage pumps are mainly used to discharge sewage containing solid particles and fibrous substances and therefore are usually used in the following environments:

1. Sewage treatment plant: submersible sewage pump is one of the most common equipment in sewage treatment plants. They are used to drain domestic sewage, industrial sewage, or rainwater from the treatment system.

2. Sewer: submersible sewage pumps can help discharge water from underground sewers and avoid urban waterlogging.

3. Mine: the submersible sewage pump can also be used for mine drainage to discharge groundwater and prevent flooding.

4. Construction site: On the construction site, the submersible sewage pump can discharge concrete slurry, waste water, rainwater, etc.

Why should we install the temperature switch? For submersible sewage pump and other equipment, long time operation will lead to the motor heat, if it can not cool down in time, it will overheat or even burn out. The additional temperature switch can monitor the temperature of the motor. Once the preset value is reached, the power supply will be cut off in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life. In addition, the temperature switch can effectively avoid safety accidents caused by circuit failure or improper operation.

HCET-B Series motor protector

For submersible drain pumps, the recommended HCET-B temperature switch has the following advantages:

1. Stability and reliable: the temperature switch can accurately sense the ambient temperature and automatically switch the equipment according to the set threshold, ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment in the process of work.

2. Extend the life: The temperature switch can effectively prevent the equipment from being damaged due to overheating, thus extending the service life of the equipment.

3. Wide applications: Temperature switches can be used not only to submersible sewage pumps, but also to a variety of other types of equipment, such as heaters, air conditioners, etc.

In short, the use of temperature switch can improve the stability and reliability of equipment, save energy and reduce pollution, prolong the life of equipment, a wide range of application.

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