Application of motor protector in electric wheelchair | Haichuan

The thermal protector can effectively protect the electric wheelchair motor from failure, damage and safety problems caused by overheating, and improve the reliability, durability and safety of the motor. 

October 10, 2023
Application of motor protector in electric wheelchair | Haichuan

When it comes to the daily lives of people with mobility impairments, electric wheelchairs play an important role. They provide users with the ability to move independently, allowing them to move freely around their homes, communities and public spaces, thereby increasing their social participation and range of activities. Electric wheelchairs can also significantly improve the quality of life, providing more autonomy and freedom, making it easier for users to carry out daily tasks such as shopping, socializing and participating in recreational activities.

Electric wheelchairs help reduce the physical burden on users. With the electric drive system, they do not have to exert effort to push their wheelchair, thus reducing fatigue. Electric wheelchairs bring greater independence, convenience and participation to people with mobility impairments, improving their quality of life.

As one of the main driving components of an electric wheelchair, the electric wheelchair motor receives instructions through the control system to achieve different movements, such as forward, backward, and steering. The user can send instructions to the motor control system through a control device, such as a joystick, button or remote control, and the motor will adjust the driving force and steering force accordingly to achieve the desired movement of the wheelchair. The control system acts as a bridge, converting the user's instructions into motor movements to achieve precise control of the wheelchair.

When manufacturers design electric wheelchair motors, they equip them with thermal protectors mainly to achieve the following purposes:


1. Avoid overheating damage: The electric wheelchair motor may overheat due to overload, long-term operation or high ambient temperature during use. Equipped with a thermal switch, it can monitor the motor temperature and promptly cut off the power supply when the temperature exceeds the safe range to prevent the motor from overheating.


2. Extend motor life: Overheating is a major cause of common failures in electric wheelchair motors. By equipping with a thermal protector, the operating temperature of the motor can be effectively controlled to avoid overheating, thereby extending the service life of the motor.


3. Improve safety: Overheated electric wheelchair motors pose certain safety risks, which may cause circuit failures, battery overheating, wire melting and other problems. The thermal protector can detect temperature abnormalities in time and cut off the power supply to avoid potential fire risks and protect the safety of users.


4. Ensure stable performance: Electric wheelchair users have higher requirements for vehicle reliability and performance stability. Equipped with a thermostat, you can ensure that the motor operates within a safe temperature range, prevent abnormal operation or performance degradation due to overheating, and provide more reliable driving force and control capabilities.

The motor thermal protector can effectively protect the electric wheelchair motor, avoid failures, damage and safety issues caused by overheating, and improve the reliability, durability and safety of the motor.

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