Application of thermal protector in range hood motor

Tired of burning out your range hood motor? Keep it protected with HCET 17AM 7AM thermal protector! Ensure its longevity and avoid costly replacements. Order yours now and have peace of mind in your kitchen for years to come. 

July 18, 2023
Application of thermal protector in range hood motor

Application of thermal protector in range hood motor - HCET Hai Chuan temperature control

Range hoods play a very important role in daily life, and their importance is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Health protection: Harmful gases such as oil fumes and smoke released during cooking can pose a threat to human health, causing symptoms like coughing and difficulty breathing. Range hoods can effectively adsorb and exhaust these harmful gases, ensuring people's health.


2.Fire safety: Oil fumes generated during cooking can easily accumulate on kitchen walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. If not cleaned in a timely manner, they can easily lead to fires. Range hoods can timely exhaust the oil fumes, effectively preventing fires.


3.Extending the lifespan of kitchen utensils: Oil fumes can accumulate on the surface of kitchen utensils, and if not cleaned for a long time, it can cause aging and corrosion. Installing a range hood can effectively reduce the deposition of oil fumes, extending the lifespan of kitchen utensils.

The importance of range hoods in daily life cannot be ignored. In addition to the aforementioned functions, they also contribute to a cleaner kitchen environment and reduce household chores. They are an essential equipment in modern households.

The addition of a thermal protector to range hoods is primarily to ensure that they do not experience safety accidents such as circuit short-circuits or motor burnouts during prolonged high-temperature operation.

The motor and other electronic components inside the range hood generate a significant amount of heat during operation. Without a thermal protector for protection, if they exceed their temperature limits, it can easily lead to problems such as circuit short-circuits and motor burnouts, and even serious consequences such as fires.

Thermal protector

The 17AM bimetal disc thermal protector has the following advantages in range hoods:

1. High sensitivity: The bimetal disc thermal protector adopts a bimetal structure. When the temperature changes, the two different materials of the metal discs undergo different deformations due to thermal expansion and contraction, thereby flipping the contact and activating or deactivating the circuit. Compared to traditional thermal protectors, the bimetal disc thermal protector has a faster response speed and higher sensitivity, providing better motor protection.

2.Good shock resistance: The internal structure of the bimetal disc thermal protector is sturdy, and the shell is designed with special materials to resist vibrations generated during the operation of the range hood, making it less prone to damage.

3.High safety: The bimetal disc thermal protector has a high safety coefficient and will not cause dangerous accidents such as leakage or short-circuits during use, ensuring the safe operation of the range hood.

4.Compact size: The bimetal disc thermal protector has a small size, making it easy to install and occupies less space.

The 17AM bimetal disc thermal protector in range hoods has the advantages of fast response speed, high sensitivity, good shock resistance, high safety, and compact size. It can better ensure the safe operation and prolong the lifespan of the range hood

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