Application of thermal protector on battery protection board

HCET-A series temperature switch and thermal cut-out switch have the functions of overheat protection, 

a precise protector with small size. It is sensitive, accurate and reliable, especially suitable for heat cable, battery protection board... 

Application of thermal protector on battery protection board

HCET series temperature switch and current overload protector have the functions of overheat protection and precise current overload time protection. Through the protection of current and temperature sensing, the terminal material provides fault-free fusion welding, which has a very accurate trip time. The overload tripping current value can be set according to the customer's requirements, and the motor damage caused by locked rotor or excessive current can be accurately controlled. The products are made of bimetallic sheet imported from the United States to ensure that they can withstand the requirements of normal circuit current. Each part is in strict accordance with European ROHS environmental standards.


Product usage introduction

Place the thermal protector in a test chamber with a constant temperature accuracy of ± 1℃ for testing. The temperature measurement method adopts thermocouple or Thermometer. Thermocouple or thermometer should be placed on the thermal protector sample or as close to the sample as possible. In the process of temperature rise in the test, it should start from 10℃ lower than the rated operating temperature. The temperature change rate shall not exceed 0.5 ℃/min. The test current passing through the protector should not exceed 0.1A.


Description of product use effect

It is a kind of thermostat using bimetallic sheet as temperature sensing component. When the electrical appliance works normally, the bimetallic plate is in the Free State, and the contact is in the closed/disconnected state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetallic sheet is heated to generate internal stress and moves quickly, opening/closing the contact, cutting off/connecting the circuit, thus playing the role of temperature control. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high precision, small volume, light quantity, high reliability, long service life, little concern for radio, etc.

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