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HCET-4344 thermal protector in CT cardiac color ultrasound machine

November 03, 2023

HCET-4344 series precision thermostat uses a fast-response bimetal disc as an actuator. With fast and accurate thermostatic control function. 4344 precision thermostat is suitable for semiconductor refrigeration pumps, medical incubators, marine engine heaters, etc. 

HCET-4344 thermal protector in CT cardiac color ultrasound machine
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Thermal protector is an important safety protection device, which is widely used in medical equipment. In medical equipment, especially some high-power and high-temperature equipment, because the equipment generates a large amount of heat when working, if there are no reasonable thermal protection measures, it may pose a serious threat to the safety of the equipment itself and the user, and even lead to accidents.

For example: CT cardiac ultrasound is a sophisticated medical device used to non-invasively examine the structure and function of the human heart and surrounding blood vessels. CT cardiac color ultrasound can provide high-resolution three-dimensional images to help doctors diagnose various cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, etc.

CT cardiac ultrasound equipment usually includes the following components:

1. X-ray generator: used to generate X-ray beams.

2. Receiver or detector: used to receive and record X-rays passing through the patient, and transmit the data to the computer for processing.

3. Computer: used to integrate and process data transmitted by the receiver or detector to generate high-definition CT images.

4. Workstation: used to display and analyze the generated CT images to help doctors make diagnosis.

The X-ray generator temperature switch (Temperature Switch) is an important part of the X-ray equipment. It is mainly used to monitor and control the temperature inside the X-ray generator to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

The X-ray generator generates a large amount of heat when working. If the heat is not dissipated in time, it will cause overheating, damage to the equipment, or even cause a fire. Therefore, X-ray generators are usually equipped with multiple temperature switches and set different alarm and protection mechanisms according to different temperature values. Once the temperature is too high, the power supply will be automatically cut off or other protection measures will be triggered.

The temperature switch of the X-ray generator can monitor the temperature inside the generator and transmit it to the control system through a signal. If the temperature exceeds the preset range, a protection mechanism will be triggered, such as stopping the work of the X-ray generator or alarming the operator. Carry out inspection and maintenance.

HCET-4344 series precision thermostat uses a fast-response bimetal disc as an actuator, which has fast and accurate constant temperature control function. The thermostat has a single-pole, single-pole point design and can be set to normally closed or normally open as needed, and can be used with different types of electronic equipment. The product's on and off temperature points are preset and non-adjustable to ensure safe operation. During use, when the temperature reaches the preset value, the bimetal disc will instantly bend, resulting in an obvious switching action to ensure that the device operates stably according to the preset constant temperature value.

HCET-4344 precision thermostat is suitable for many different applications, such as semiconductor refrigeration pumps, motors for hazardous environments, underwater pumps, fire extinguishing equipment, medical X-ray tubes, medical incubators, etc. In addition, it is also widely used in trains and ships, such as locomotive heating, marine engine heaters, etc. The standard version of this product is copper-nickel plated and equipped with silver contacts. For electrical loads under low power conditions, products with gold contacts are also available to ensure reliable circuit switching.

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