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HCET 6AP Car Tailgate Motor Thermal Protector

Protect your car tailgate electric motors from thermal overload with our reliable thermal protection solution. Our advanced system ensures motors run efficiently, preventing premature wear and maximizing performance. Ideal for tailgate motor manufacturers seeking to enhance product quality and customer satisfaction. Upgrade your motors with thermal protection today! 

February 27, 2024
HCET 6AP Car Tailgate Motor Thermal Protector

The tailgate motor is an electric motor installed on the vehicle's tailgate that can automatically open and close the vehicle's tailgate. The tailgate motor usually consists of an electric motor, a reducer, a control unit and other components. It transmits the rotational force of the motor to the locks, pull rods and other parts of the vehicle's tailgate through the transmission system, thereby enabling remote control of the opening and closing of the tailgate.

The tailgate motor thermal protector is a protection device used for automobile tailgate motors. Its main function is to automatically disconnect the circuit when the motor is overloaded or the temperature is too high, so as to prevent the motor from being damaged due to long-term overload operation. Because car tailgate motors usually need to bear heavy-duty work, if the motor runs for a long time under overload or overheating conditions, it will not only affect the normal use of the vehicle, but also cause serious damage to the motor itself and safety hazards.

The working principle of the tailgate motor thermal switch is: when the motor is overloaded or the temperature is too high, the thermal element senses the temperature rise and protects it through the contact control circuit, that is, cutting off the power supply in the circuit and stopping the motor operation. To achieve the purpose of protecting the motor.


Generally speaking, the tailgate motor thermal protector has the following characteristics:


1. Good sensitivity: It can quickly disconnect the circuit when the motor is overloaded or the temperature is too high to avoid damage to the motor.


2. High stability: The thermal protector uses high-quality materials and precision processing technology, which has high stability and reliability.


3. Good flame retardancy: Due to the harsh environment of automobile use, tailgate motor thermal protectors are usually made of high flame retardant materials, which can effectively prevent fire accidents.


In short, the tailgate thermal motor protector is a widely used automotive electrical component with the characteristics of sensitivity, stability, and flame retardancy. Its main function is to protect the motor from damage in the event of overload or excessive temperature, which improves the Car safety and stability.

HC01/6AP series bimetal motor thermal protector has the following advantages:


1. High sensitivity: The thermal protector is a high-temperature sensitive protection component that can sense over-current or overheating in the circuit within a very short period of time and immediately cut off the power supply. This high-sensitivity feature allows the thermal protector to protect circuits and equipment in a timely manner to avoid equipment damage or safety accidents due to overload, short circuit, etc.


2. Wide range of application: The thermal protector has a wide range of application and can be used in various types of electronic, electrical, and mechanical equipment, such as home appliances, auto parts, air conditioning and other industries. At the same time, the thermal protector can also be customized according to specific application scenarios and needs to meet different usage requirements.


3. Strong high temperature resistance: The thermal protector uses high temperature materials in the design and manufacturing process, so it has good high temperature resistance. Under normal circumstances, the rated temperature of the thermal protector can reach above 60℃-200℃ and can withstand the test of high temperature environment.


4. Simple and reliable structure: The structure of the thermal protector is relatively simple, consisting of temperature sensing elements, contacts, shell, etc. Due to its simple structure, mature manufacturing process and high reliability, the thermal protector will not cause too many faults and maintenance problems during use, and it also has the advantages of long life and stability.


In short, the high temperature sensitivity of HC01/6AP makes it an important protective component in automobile motors. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, wide application range, strong high temperature resistance, simple and reliable structure, etc., and can provide effective guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment.

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