HCET Bimetallic Thermal Protectors Highly Recognized by Exhibitors

Recently, Nanjing Haichuan Electronic Co., Ltd (HCET) participated in the exhibition in Vietnam. With its excellent bimetallic thermal protector products, our company had an in-depth communication with many exhibitors and was highly recognized by them.

June 13, 2024

During the exhibition, HCET's booth became the center of attention. The exhibitors stopped by and had a warm conversation with the company's professional team. They showed great interest in the temperature-protected temperature control switches and current-protected motor thermal protectors produced by HCET and gave them high praise. These exhibitors came from a wide range of fields such as electronics manufacturing, energy management, power systems, communication equipment and industrial automation, and they fully recognized the performance, reliability and innovation of HCET's products.

HCET temperature Switch

The Temperature Protection Thermal switch is a temperature monitoring and protection solution designed for a wide range of electronic devices and systems. It utilizes advanced bimetallic technology to monitor temperature changes inside the device in real time and quickly disconnect the circuit when the temperature exceeds the preset safety threshold, effectively preventing the device from being damaged due to overheating. This product was favored by many exhibitors for its accurate temperature monitoring and fast response capability.

motor thermal protector

The current-protected motor thermal cutoff switch, on the other hand, is a protector designed to protect circuits from excessive current shocks. It can quickly cut off the circuit when the current exceeds the tolerance range of the equipment through accurate current detection and fast response mechanism, effectively avoiding equipment damage and fire and other safety accidents. With its powerful current protection and circuit safety protection capability, this product attracted extensive attention from exhibitors in the fields of power systems, communication equipment and industrial automation.

Exhibitors expressed that HCET's bimetallic thermal protector products not only have excellent performance and comprehensive functions, but also can meet the needs of different fields and provide reliable protection for their equipment and circuits. They appreciated HCET's technical strength and innovative spirit, and looked forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with HCET.

The director of HCET said, "We are very grateful to the exhibitors for recognizing and supporting our products. We will continue to adhere to the principle of 'Quality First, Customer First' and continue to innovate and forge ahead to provide our global customers with more advanced and reliable thermal protector products. At the same time, we also look forward to working hand in hand with more partners to jointly promote the development of the industry."

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