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The fire pump system is an important equipment used for fire extinguishing and usually includes water pumps, water tanks, piping systems, control devices and other components. The function of the fire pump system is to provide high-pressure water source to fire protection facilities to meet the working needs of fire sprinkler systems, sprinkler systems and other equipment.

The main function of the fire pump system is to provide fire safety protection for the energy storage system, reduce fire risks, and ensure the safe operation of the system.

Fire pump systems typically use electric motors as drive units. An electric motor turns a water pump to create pressure that pumps water into a sprinkler system or fire suppression equipment.

For example: the normal operating current of the motor of the fire pump system is 16A and the required protection temperature is 105 degrees, then this HCET-A series 16A thermal protector can meet your needs.


Wide rated temperature range: The temperature control switch should have an appropriate rated temperature range to meet the working environment and needs of the fire pump system. Depending on the specific situation, different rated temperature ranges can be selected. The HCET-A-XXB16 series temperature range is 40°C to 200°C.


High temperature resistance: Since the fire pump system may be used in high temperature environments, the temperature control switch should have good high temperature resistance to ensure that it can still work normally under high temperature conditions.


Safety and protection level: The temperature control switch should comply with relevant safety standards and protection level requirements to ensure that no safety issues are caused during use and can adapt to harsh working environments, such as dustproof, waterproof, etc.


This product is small in size, sensitive in action, reliable in performance, has high electrical strength and small current effect. It will not cause large temperature differences due to overcurrent. The fully enclosed structure can protect the components from dust and magazine contamination as well as external force damage.

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