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HCET Mico Button Temperature Control Switch

HCET S01 series button-type thermal protectors have multiple certifications, are safe, reliable, and accurately controlled. They are suitable for various fields and have high performance, and can effectively protect equipment from over-temperature damage.

January 18, 2024
HCET Mico Button Temperature Control Switch

Due to its button-type compact design, the S01 temperature control switch is very suitable for applications such as coils where installation space is limited. Coils are often located inside motors, relays or other devices, often in tight spaces. In this case, using a button temperature control switch can minimize space occupation and ensure the reliability and accuracy of temperature control. Therefore, the button type temperature control switch is an ideal choice to achieve efficient temperature control in a limited installation space.


S01 miniature temperature switch has the following advantages:


Good sealing: The temperature switch has excellent sealing performance, which can effectively prevent product failure during the vacuum dipping process.

Small size: It adopts a round and small size design, which is very suitable for use inside coils and other equipment without taking up too much space. This makes it very practical in space-constrained applications.


Metal shell: with high strength and pressure resistance. It can withstand coil shaping pressure up to 50KG, ensuring the switch operates normally under pressure environments. The metal shell also has excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly sense temperature changes and conduct them to the temperature-sensitive components inside. This allows the switch to be very sensitive to temperature changes, allowing for precise temperature control.


Small current effect: The design of this temperature switch makes the current effect very small, so even when a large current passes through, there will be no obvious temperature difference. In this way, the reliability of temperature control is guaranteed.

Pure temperature product: S01 temperature switch is a pure temperature product, and the current does not flow on the bimetal piece. This means that the switch does not cause current heating effects due to current passing through the bimetallic strip, thus avoiding the resulting temperature errors.


Reliable and precise temperature control: This temperature switch can control temperature reliably and accurately, and is suitable for application scenarios that require maintaining a stable temperature.


These features and advantages make the S01 thermal protector widely used in motors, transformers, coils, electronic products and sensors. It can provide stable temperature control, protect equipment from damage from overheating or over-cooling, and ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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