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HCET-T Vehicle High Current 1~60A Overload Over Current Motor Protector Supplier & manufacturers | Haichuan
HCET-T series of high-current overload (over-current) motor protectors for vehicles are designed ashigh temperature resistant plastic shells, which are high-current protection elements withover-temperature protection and precise control of current overload protection, and can effectivelyprevent (oil pump motor, wiper motor, etc.) damage caused by high temperature and excessive current.[Model]:HCET-T[Temperature]: 60°C-180°℃[Characteristics]: small volume, long service lifeand high reliability; According to the customer'srequirements, the overload jump current value can be set, up to 80A Product Features1. Volume miniaturization, long service life and reliability2. Good protection for overload, locked rotation, or short circuit overcurrent3. According to the customer's requirements, the overload jump current value can be set, up to 80A4, very accurate trip time (4~10s) to prevent the motor temperature from being too high5. Each part strictly implements the environmental protection standard of European ROHS6. There are many kinds of terminals for flexible selection

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