Thermal protector order for motor are delivered on time before the New Year | Haichuan HCET factory

 Thermal protector order  for motor are delivered on time before  the New Year  .

With the active expansion of the strategic layout of the international market, consumers' recognition of Haichuan (HCET) products, the company's order volume has increased significantly, and the company's three major indicators of sales, production and delivery have all achieved good results, which has driven HCET to further expand its demand for production capacity.

December 28, 2022
Thermal protector order  for motor are delivered on time before  the New Year  | Haichuan HCET factory

With the vigorous sales in the front and the orderly guarantee in the rear, with the joint efforts of all  HCET employees, the company has a good situation of prosperous production and sales. We will carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting to ensure the smooth production of more and more new orders and meet the market demand.

The weather is cold and the ground is cold. In order to get the products to the customers on time, ensure the normal production of the customers, and not affect the production progress, the logistics department, the production department and the marketing department cooperate with each other tacitly and make concerted efforts, and everyone is working orderly in their own posts. Scientific management of the production department of the company, full load operation of the production line, and active production of the whole line of workers have greatly improved the production efficiency.

The motor thermal protector offline synchronous order issuing, synchronous loading, inspection, order issuing, loading, transportation monitoring and other processes are in order. On the all-weather delivery platform, there is a constant flow of forklifts and personnel, and the delivery site is organized orderly.

  Delivery site    

HCET thermal fuse load on truck

The superior product  ordered by the automobile manufacturer's customers was delivered on time. 

The loaded trucks and busy workers were orderly implementing each procedure.

  Functional characteristics of thermal protector  

The thermal protector is a kind of component that provides very reliable protection under the condition of over temperature. It has small volume, large over-current, non reset, stable performance, convenient installation, and a certain range of humidity settings and bearing capacity for selection to meet the application needs of customers.

HCET-A BIMETAL thermal fuse

  Precautions for installation of thermal protector 

1. When the lead wire is bent for use, it shall be bent from the part more than 6mm from the root; During bending, the root and lead shall not be damaged, and the lead shall not be forcibly pulled, pressed or twisted.

2. When the motor thermal protector is fixed by screws, riveting or terminals, it shall be able to prevent the occurrence of bad contact caused by mechanical creep.

3. Connecting parts shall be able to work reliably within the working range of electrical products without displacement due to vibration and impact.

4. During lead wire welding, the heating humidity shall be limited to the minimum, and it is not allowed to apply high temperature on the thermal protector; It is not allowed to forcibly pull, press or twist the thermal fuse link and lead; After welding, it shall be cooled for more than 30 seconds.

5. The thermal protector for motor can only be used under the specified rated voltage, current and specified temperature, especially the maximum continuous temperature that the thermal protector can withstand.

HC01 bimetal thermal protector

  Company philosophy   

In every development process of HCET, new and old customers have given us unparalleled trust and support, which is the "source" of HCET development.

HCET has always implemented a High  quality service policy, and has won the market by rewarding customers and society with high-quality products and services. 

HCET people will work harder to create more perfect and harmonious social values!

HCET manufacturing and sales of thermal protector, overload protector, over current protector, motor protector,thermostat etc.

Strive to provide users with more satisfactory one-stop solutions.

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