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Mechanical thermostat switches are widely used in many industrial fields for the task of temperature control and protection. Proper installation and use of mechanical temperature control switches is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment. This article will introduce the key points of installation and use of mechanical temperature control switches from a professional perspective.

August 09, 2023

1. Selection of installation location: The mechanical thermostat should be installed at the key location of the equipment or system that needs temperature control and protection. When choosing an installation location, the following factors should be considered:

    - Maximum range and rate of temperature change.

    - Layout and structure of equipment or systems.

    - The best contact method between the temperature control switch sensitive element and the measured object.


2. Preparations before installation:

    - Make sure that the mechanical thermostatic switch is compatible with the equipment or system in which it will be installed.

    - Carefully read and understand the installation manual or instructions for the thermostat.

    - Check the condition and function of the thermostat switch to make sure it is not damaged or defective.

3. Installation process:

    - Embed mechanical temperature switches into equipment or systems and ensure good contact.

    - Fasten the thermostat firmly with the correct fixings (such as screws).

    - Avoid interference or collision between the temperature control switch and other components of the equipment.


4. Connection and debugging:

    - Connect the wires and terminals correctly according to the wiring diagram or instruction manual of the temperature control switch.

    - After the installation is completed, conduct the necessary electrical wiring test or closed circuit test to ensure the normal operation of the temperature control switch.


5. Precautions in use:

    - If any abnormality or failure is found, stop using it immediately and carry out necessary repair or replacement.

    - Observe the rated parameters and operating limits of the thermostat to avoid overloading or overheating.


The correct installation and use of mechanical temperature control switches are crucial to the temperature control and protection of equipment. Reasonable selection of installation location, preparation work, correct connection and commissioning, and compliance with precautions will ensure the normal operation of the temperature control switch and provide reliable temperature control and protection functions.

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