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Intelligent sweeping robot temperature protection solution

February 28, 2024

Although smart sweeping robots are convenient, motor overheating is a hidden danger. Our bimetal thermal protector is specially designed for sweeping robots, with fast response and precise control. Once the motor overheats, cut off power immediately to protect your robot from damage. Choose us to let the intelligent sweeping robot continue to operate stably and bring more convenience to your life. 

Intelligent sweeping robot temperature protection solution
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Intelligent sweeping robots are common devices in modern homes. They use ultrasonic ranging technology to effectively identify and avoid obstacles and achieve intelligent cleaning. However, as the use time increases, motor stalling and overheating problems gradually appear, which may have a negative impact on the performance and life of the robot. To solve this problem, bimetal thermal protectors are widely used in intelligent sweeping robots to provide critical overheating protection.

During the cleaning process, the smart sweeping robot may inhale various debris, which sometimes causes the motor to stall. When the motor is stalled, the current will increase sharply, causing the temperature of the motor coil to rise rapidly. If this overheating condition persists, the motor coil may be damaged or even burned out.


Bimetallic thermal protector is a device specially designed for overheating protection. When the motor temperature of the smart sweeping robot reaches a preset threshold, the bimetal thermal protector will respond quickly and cut off the power supply, thereby preventing the motor from overheating further. Once the temperature drops to a safe range, the protector will automatically reset, allowing the sweeping robot to continue working normally.


In order to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the bimetal thermal protector, we provide an accurately matched overheating protection solution for the intelligent sweeping robot based on its specific specifications and motor parameters. This includes determining the appropriate protection temperature, operating time and current carrying capacity to ensure that in the event of overheating, the protector can quickly and accurately cut off power and protect the motor from damage.


As a leading manufacturer in the field of circuit protection components, we have a professional technical team dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive solutions and technical support. We have an in-depth understanding of the working principles and common problems of intelligent sweeping robots, and can provide customized overheating protection solutions based on customer needs. At the same time, we also provide a series of high-quality circuit protection components, including bimetal thermal protectors, ultra-high temperature protection devices, etc., to ensure the stable operation of intelligent sweeping robots.


Although intelligent sweeping robots have brought convenience to our lives, the problem of overheating is still a focus that needs attention. As a key overheating protection device, the bimetal thermal protector plays a vital role in intelligent sweeping robots. Through precise matching and comprehensive technical support and services, our bimetal motor thermal protectors provide a solid guarantee for the stable operation of intelligent sweeping robots. Choose our products to make your smart sweeping robot serve you more safely and reliably!

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