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Intro to temperature switch seating application

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October 19, 2023
Intro to temperature switch seating application

With the development and progress of the automotive industry, it has brought great convenience to people's lives. During the development of passenger cars, not only have the materials of seats changed, but the configurations related to seats also become more and more diverse. At the same time, the seat layout, including flexibility, of some new cars have also left a deep impression on us. Among them, seat heating mainly uses the electric heating wire inside the seat to heat the inside of the seat, and transfers heat to the passenger through heat transfer, improving the uncomfortable feeling caused by the seat being too cold after long-term parking in winter. The principle of car seat heating: The seat is filled with heating wires and sewn inside the seat cover. The heating wires are energized to gradually heat up the seat in a short period of time. By setting a temperature switch inside the heating pad, the heating wires are controlled to be energized and powered off, maintaining the temperature of the seat heating within an appropriate range. If there is no protective function, there is definitely a risk of excessive temperature. Therefore, when the temperature reaches a certain set temperature, the seat heating function will stop heating. 

In order to improve the comfort of passengers in the car and control the seat heating temperature within a certain range, two HCET-C series temperature switches need to be installed inside the seat heating pad:


OFF: 50 ± 4 ℃ ON: 40 ± 5 ℃


OFF: 43 ± 4 ℃ ON: 34 ± 5 ℃


The heater is connected to the power supply of the seat cushion heater through a plug in key. The power supply of the seat cushion heater is connected to the instrument panel wiring harness through the plug in key, and then connected to the battery power supply through the seat heating switch fuse ignition switch. Generally, the seat heating device can only function when the ignition switch is turned on.

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