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Best Quality JUC-31F Series Bi-metal Thermal Switch Thermostat Factory
JUC-31F Series Bi-metal Thermal Switch Thermostat.JUC-31F is a temperature –senstive switch protector with plastic housing. Insulation shell, miniature size, long lifecycle and high reliability. Widely used in ballasts , charger, power systemSpecial Features:● Insulation shell, miniature size, convenient in installation;● 100% Snap Action; ● Competitive price● Preset calibration temperature ; not adjustable in the field.● Prevent most organic solvents from water, salt water, alcohol, ammoniaElectrical Characteristics:● 2 A / 30V DC ● 2 A / 120V AC ● 1A / 240V ACTechnical Parameters:● Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 30℃-150℃. ● Temperature Code: ±5℃,±8℃● Contact type: B-Normally open, K-Normally closedMain Applications are as follows:● Printed circuit board● Power system● Aircraft, Computer● Automatic equipment and test-instrumentsProduct Coding:JUC-31F ***** +A10MODEL NO.WEEK AND YEAR OF CALIBRATIONTEMPERATURE CODESNO. CommentsⅠ MODEL NO.: JUC-31F Series Thermostat.Ⅱ TEMPERATURE CODES: From 030(30℃) to 160(160℃)Ⅲ YEAR OF CALIBRATION: A=2000 through Z=2025;   WEEK OF CALIBRATION: 1~52 possible

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