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New Product Demonstration-NTC Sensor

NTC thermistors are widely used in household appliances, new energy vehicles, energy storage, medical care, green agriculture, environmental protection, power tools and other fields. NTC thermistors are very sensitive to temperature. Different resistor values correspond to different temperatures. They have a good temperature monitoring effect in different usage scenarios. They have the characteristics of small size, high power and low power consumption, and can effectively reflect the comfort, safety and other functions of equipment and products. Moreover, the high-precision temperature measurement range of NTC thermistors is large, and it can show perfect results when used in different environments.

January 13, 2024
New Product Demonstration-NTC Sensor

First of all, NTC thermistor can present a high-precision measurement range in a wide temperature range. It can ensure greater functional advantages during use at 0~70°C. In different environments, the resistance value can correspond to the temperature with corresponding accuracy. , so the control of equipment and products will be more precise.

Secondly, due to the high resistance temperature coefficient of the NTC thermistor, it has ultra-high sensitivity during use, which is even 10 to 100 times greater than the temperature coefficient of metal. The temperature coefficient reaches 3%~6%℃, small temperature changes will cause large changes in the resistance of the resistor, and small temperature changes can be captured and measured during use.

Thirdly, NTC sensors use ceramic chips, which have very stable performance and high safety. They are safer during use, have low mass production costs, and can reach very high standards in terms of stability and safety. The resistance value can be freely selected within a wide range, so it is now widely used.

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