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The structural Components of 8AM Thermal Protector

8AM thermal protector is an important safety protection device and is widely used in various motors and equipment. Its internal structure is precise and its working principle is unique, and it can play a vital role at critical moments.

January 17, 2024
The structural Components of 8AM Thermal Protector

The internal structure of the 8AM bimetal motor thermal protector mainly includes thermally conductive metal shells, bimetal components, contacts and static contacts. These parts work together to ensure the proper operation of the thermal protector.


Thermal conductive metal shell: Thermal conductive metal shell serves as the outer structure of the thermal protector and plays a role in protecting the internal components. At the same time, it has excellent thermal conductivity and can quickly conduct the heat generated inside to avoid overheating.

Bimetallic element: The bimetallic element is the core part of the thermal protector. It is composed of two metal sheets with different thermal expansion coefficients. When the temperature rises abnormally or the current is too large, the bimetal component will bend, triggering the protection mechanism.

Contact: The contact is the actuating element of the 8AM bimetal motor thermal protector, usually made of silver alloy material. When the bimetal element bends, the contacts are pulled away from the stationary contact piece, thus breaking the circuit. Contacts are usually designed to be normally closed or normally open to meet different circuit needs.

Static contact piece: The static contact piece is located above the contact point and is used to stabilize the working state of the bimetal component and prevent contact jitter and malfunction. It works in conjunction with the bimetallic element to ensure the proper functioning of the thermal protector.

The main function of 8AM thermal protector is to prevent damage to motors and equipment caused by overheating. When the temperature in the circuit exceeds a certain safety threshold, the bimetallic component inside the thermal protector will bend, thereby disconnecting the circuit and cutting off the power supply, thus protecting the motor and equipment. This protection mechanism can prevent accidents such as fire or equipment damage caused by circuit overheating, and improves the safety of the equipment.


In addition to preventing overheating, the 8AM thermal protector also has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast operation, and high reliability. It can react to abnormal temperatures in a very short period of time and quickly cut off the power supply, thus minimizing the possibility of equipment damage. In addition, the internal structure of the thermal protector is compact, simple, and easy to install and maintain, which makes it widely used in various motors and equipment.


In general, the internal structure and functions of the 8AM motor thermal protector are interrelated and influence each other. It is precisely because of its precise internal structure and unique working principle that the thermal protector can play an important role in practical applications, ensuring the normal operation of motors and equipment.

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