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What You Should Know About Thermal Protector Switch for Battery Pack

Thermal protector is used for temperature controlled microwave oven, electric coffee pot, electric cooker, refrigerator, air conditioner, glue dispenser, office equipment, car seat heater,electric water bottles, electronic disinfection cupboards, drinking fountains, electronic clothes dryers, microwave ovens, and electric heaters; Or power supply machine, rectifier equipment, daily appliances and various electric heating appliances are used as temperature control and overheating protection elements,prevent overheating due to internal friction between conductive materials.

December 06, 2022

The thermal protector switch monitors the compressor housing temperature and ensures that the temperature is reduced when the set point from the circuit to the compressor is reached.

Thermal protection switch is one of the most critical components in many equipment

As the battery pack is more prone to overheating, the manufacturer ensures that a high-quality thermal protection switch is installed in it. Read on to learn more about this  thermal protector !


Causes of battery pack overheating


There are several reasons why the battery pack starts to overheat during use.


One possibility is battery short circuit, which will occur when the battery contacts with metal. After a short circuit, the battery will soon begin to discharge and heat up due to the fast current.

Similarly, if the battery is stored with other metal materials, the metal object may form a bridge between the negative pole and the positive pole of the battery.

However, in the end, the main reasons for overheating of the battery pack are still overcharge/overdischarge of the lithium battery and battery short circuit. The reasons may be innumerable and sometimes unpredictable. Before installing a reliable and high-quality teperature  thermal protection switch , there is still a risk of serious damage to the battery pack without internal support. This is why a thermal protection switch is needed to protect the battery pack and extend its service life.


The therma protector  are used to build the overheat protection battery circuit. When the temperature of the main circuit equipment is monitored by the thermal sensitive components to rise to a certain value, the low melting point metal inside will be deformed, thus driving the main circuit to disconnect, so as to protect the main circuit equipment; After shutdown for heat dissipation for a period of time, the thermal element detects that the temperature of the main circuit equipment has decreased, and the low melting point metal inside the main circuit equipment recovers to its original shape, so that the main circuit is connected and the main circuit equipment can work normally again.


Principle of battery overheat protector: The principle of the overheat protector is to fuse the fuse by heating, thus causing power failure. And then play the role of protection. It is composed of bimetallic sheets, which are connected in the main circuit when used.

When the motor is overloaded, the current will increase, and the metal sheet will heat and deform to a certain position, driving the contact to close or disconnect, thus controlling the circuit action, closing the main circuit, and stopping the motor.

 Due to frequent overheating, the quick action thermal switch responds quickly to prevent fire or damage to the battery pack. In order to achieve this effectively, each thermal protector switch must have the following characteristics: 

Features of thermal protection switches

Insulated enclosure

In order to be effective, immersion resistant thermal protectors must be sealed. For its safety, it is enclosed in an insulated enclosure.


Small size, easy to install 

HCET-A thermal protector


The battery pack benefits greatly from the thermal protection switch because of its small size, compact design and easy integration into any device. They are simple to install on electronic equipment without complex structure. In addition, Saffty's BW-BCP thermal protector switch can be made of PIN PIN, which is used to weld cusyomers directly to PCB


High thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity


One of the most important components of any resettable thermal switch is a full understanding of heat conduction and the temperature it should maintain. The battery pack with thermal protection switch has the maximum design flexibility and applicability, because it has the maximum heat conduction and temperature sensitivity.


Use reliable battery pack thermal protection switch


HCET introduced a new series, namely HCET-A series. The thermal switch is intended for contact with rechargeable batteries. If the battery pack becomes overheated during charging, these quick acting thermal switches will open the charging circuit until the battery pack cools down.


In addition, HCET-A series provides several advantages for your product:


As for the thermal switch, it has a solid insulating shell, which effectively plays a key role in ensuring good heat conduction from the surrounding area to the thermal switch.


This series of HCET thermal protection switches are small in size, with a height of 4.6mm, a diameter of 8.9mm or 6.7mm and 10mm.


HCET-A thermal protector series is distinguished by its precise temperature control and bimetallic disc without current or thermal effect.

HCET is the safest choice for all battery packs because it has all famous certifications, including CQC, UL, VDE, TUV.ROHS 

HCET is a manufacturer of thermal protection switches in more than 60 countries. We provide customers and their customers with high-quality product security solutions.

 At the same time, provide technical support and support customized development

HCET ,Focuse on thermal protector  and solutions 20years, our research and development team has created a variety of thermal overload protectors .

 More than 120 employees Focus on R&D and production of temperature and current protection elements of sensor products

 The company has a dust-free workshop And professional laboratories.Complete automatic thermal protector production line.Adopt German automatic production technology,ensure the first-class quality of international peers.

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