HCET Bimetal themostat advantages

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May 26, 2023
HCET Bimetal themostat advantages

Advantages of HCET  bimetal thermostat

The bimetal thermostat is a common electrical temperature protection switch, and its main advantages :

High sensitivity: The bimetal thermostat

 has a very high sensitivity, which can bend when the temperature changes to a certain extent, causing the switch to act. Therefore, bimetallic temperature control switches not only have fast response speed, but also can achieve high-precision temperature protection.

Simple structure: The structure of a bimetal thermostat is very simple, consisting of two metal sheets with different expansion coefficients stacked together.


This structure not only facilitates processing and production, but also effectively reduces manufacturing costs.

High reliability: The reliability of bimetal thermostat is very high, and they have good resistance to vibration, impact, and interference. Meanwhile, due to its simple structure and no need for external power supply, its failure rate is very low and its service life is long

Wide application range: Bimetal temperature control switches can be used for temperature protection in various electrical products, such as household appliances, industrial equipment, automobiles, and other fields. They are widely used in electronic circuit protection, water heaters, electric blankets, air conditioning, and other products.

bimetal overload protector

In summary, bimetallic temperature control switches have the advantages of high sensitivity, simple structure, high reliability, and wide application range. Therefore, they have been widely used in electrical products and have become a common type of electrical temperature protection switch  overload protector .

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