Manufacturing thermal protectors and switches since 2010.


Our series of products are widely used in glass elevator motor, wiper motor, juicer, mixer, small tubular motor, electric tools, batteries, transformers, etc. HCET ® with professional technology is committed to providing reliable overheating over-current protection integrated solutions.

Application of thermal protector on battery protection board
HCET-A series temperature switch and thermal cut-out switch have the functions of overheat protection, a precise protector with small size. It is sensitive, accurate and reliable, especially suitable for heat cable, battery protection board... 
Professional Thermal protector for smart toilet lid manufacturers
The HCET-C Thermal protector is a combination of thermal protector and thermal cut off. It has double protections. Safer and more reliable. Special Features:● Small size, long life and high reliability .● Connected a cut off in series to save process in final applications.● 100% Snap Action.● Both temperature and current sensitive.● Sealed housing, water proof.●The type of cut off is optional and customized.Electrical Characteristics: ● 20amps/16 volts DC● 15amps/250 volts AC● 20amps/125 volts ACTechnical Parameters:● Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 50℃ to 180℃.● Tolerance Code: ±3℃, ±5℃
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HC02 series automotive current protectors are available in blue shell HC02-A and gray shell HC02-B. The shells are designed with high temperature resistant plastic shells. They are precision protection components with over-temperature protection function and precise control of current overload. Effectively prevent (motors, transformers, etc.) from damage caused by excessive temperature and excessive current.
The case of home appliance protectors
A home appliance protector that implements over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, power-off and leakage protection for home appliances. It has stable working characteristics and excellent reliability, and is connected with wires and inserts flexibly to protect home appliances.

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