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HCET Motor protector application in AC/DC motor Products | Haichuan
As a high quality manufacturer in automotive motor protection, HCET Technologies has developed the  3MP 5AP 6AP HC02  to operate in wide temperature and current ranges, while providing consistent performance characteristics and excellent reliability. the best quality control systems give this product maximum safety and reliability. 
Is it worth getting a Seat Motor Protection Solutions? | Haichuan
HC02 series automotive current protectors are available in blue shell HC02-A and gray shell HC02-B. The shells are designed with high temperature resistant plastic shells. They are precision protection components with over-temperature protection function and precise control of current overload. Effectively prevent (motors, transformers, etc.) from damage caused by excessive temperature and excessive current.
The case of home appliance protectors
A home appliance protector that implements over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, power-off and leakage protection for home appliances. It has stable working characteristics and excellent reliability, and is connected with wires and inserts flexibly to protect home appliances.

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