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The work principle of sliding door motor thermal protector-HCET
Sliding door motor is a common automatic door control device that can control the automatic movement of the door body, which is convenient, fast, and safe. In various door control systems, especially in frequent entry and exit situations.


Application of Overload Protector - HCET Haichuan Electronics
HCET Overload protector is a Electrical safety protection device, which is used to cut off the power supply when the circuit is overloaded to prevent equipment damage or fire. It can be widely applied in various fields 


Application of HCET Temperature Switch  for Transformer  | Haichuan
Transformers are a common type of power equipment used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another to achieve voltage ups and downs. During the operation of transformers, a certain amount of heat will be generated, especially when operating under heavy loads. If the temperature rises quickly and exceeds the temperature range that the transformer can withstand, it can lead to equipment overheating, damage, and even fire safety risks. Therefore, it is necessary to install temperature switches in transformers. HCET temperature switches are widely used in various types of transformers, including distribution transformers, ring transformers, power transformers, special purpose transformers, etc.


New energy vehicle discharge gun  with  thermal protector solution  - HCET   [Nanjing Haichuan Electronics]
As the weather gradually warms up, self driving camping activities are becoming increasingly popular, becoming a way to get close to nature and release stress. Having a new energy vehicle that can discharge electricity to the outside while playing is a common aspiration of many camping enthusiasts.


New Energy Vehicle AC Charging Gun Solution - HCET thermal cutoff
Application Cases of Haichuan HCET Bimetal  Temperature Control 


HCET  Temperature controllers application case of tipper motor thermal protector manufacture in china
When the motor cannot be started or overheats during use, it indicates that the motor may have reached its service life and must be replaced. Temperature controllers  Thermal protector is often selected as the protective element of motor.


HCET temperature protector for   Automatic Shoe Polisher | Haichuan
Electric shoe shining machine is an electronic product created by combining the traditional manual shoe shining process with modern technology. It can completely free our hands to put shoes in the shoe brushing area under the machine for shoe shining.


About HCET thermal protector17AM 7AM helps to improve the running stability of water pump
Thermal protection temperature control  refers to a device set inside motor or electric compressor to prevent overheating, which may lead to serious failure. Thermal protectors are widely used for water pumps because they are classified high-power machines.In short, the most effective way to avoid overheating of the water pump is to install a thermal protector. This is a one-time investment, which can save you unnecessary maintenance costs.


Drone Motor Temperature Control Switch | Haichaun
HCET temperature switch plays a vital role in the heat dissipation problem of oil-driven drones. Through reasonable selection and application of temperature switches, we can better solve the problem of engine overtemperature and improve the performance of oil-driven drones. Its performance and reliability promote its further development in various application fields. 


Application of VA Series in Beauty Handle | Haichuan
In the process of beauty and skin care, temperature control is a crucial factor. As an innovative technical device, the beauty handle temperature control switch provides users with precise temperature control and safety protection functions. This paper will introduce the technical principle, advantages and application of the thermostat in the beauty industry from a professional perspective.


Application of HCET-C series temperature switch for outdoor cameras
HCET-C temperature switch can monitor the temperature of the environment around the camera and when it reaches the set temperature threshold, trigger the corresponding action. The temperature switch can automatically control the power of the camera according to the ambient temperature to avoid long-term ineffective work and energy waste. Through the temperature switch, the camera can monitor temperature changes in real time and send early warning signals. 


High Quality Application of HCET-A Series in Electric Pencil sharpener| Haichuan
HCET A series temperature switches are small in size and can be easily embedded in various devices. The A series temperature switch also has the characteristics of stable quality, which can ensure the safe operation of the equipment and prolong its service life. When the electric pencil sharpener is overheated, the HCET A series temperature switch will detect it and immediately trigger the protection mechanism to stop the electric pencil sharpener from working. 


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