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The largest motor manufacturer visited HCET | Haichuan

March 16, 2023
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HCET haichuan

On March 16, 2023, the customer of China's largest motor manufacturer visited Haichuan, Nanjing, for a visit. Chang Jiang, the chairman of the company, gave a warm reception ,customers went deep into the production workshop to check  our  management, safety production, product quality and work process  .

Haichuan  is of a design that is both creative and functional.

 First, visit the office area to understand the company's development , management system and future development plan. Then, under the leadership of General Manager Chang, they  came to our production workshop for investigation. General Manager Chang explained the manufacturing and assembly process of the thermal protector of the whole production line to the customer, and they gave great praise to the customer investigation team for the whole manufacturing process.

haichuan HCET

Later, the customers came to the laboratory together to understand and consult the overload protector of our company. The spacious and tidy workshop and advanced production equipment all amazed the customers of the investigation group. Under the leadership of the production staff, we visited the company's production workshop, technical workshop and packaging workshop in succession, from the raw materials and production conditions of products to the inspection of packaging and labeling. In the production workshop, leaders saw how the products were produced, and in the packaging workshop, they had a deeper understanding of the labeling and sealing of products.

After visiting the production workshop, the delegation praised the environment and advanced equipment of our production workshop, and affirmed and assured the products produced by Haichuan.

 thermal cutoff

Haichuan has vigorously developed independent innovation, increased investment in scientific research, improved its ability of independent innovation, and paid attention to the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights. Before the end of the investigation, the customer had a detailed understanding of the company's project progress, project quality control, construction schedule and other aspects, and exchanged views with the company's chairman, Chang Jiang.

In the future, Haichuan will continue to improve its comprehensive strength, improve its position in the industry and make greater contributions to the promotion of electronic components

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