The work principle of sliding door motor thermal protector-HCET

Sliding door motor is a common automatic door control device that can control the automatic movement of the door body, which is convenient, fast, and safe. In various door control systems, especially in frequent entry and exit situations.

May 15, 2023
The work principle of sliding door motor thermal protector-HCET

HCET THERMAL protector for car

The sliding door motor may generate a certain temperature during use, especially under high loads and long-term operation, which may cause the motor temperature to be too high, thereby affecting its normal operation and lifespan. To avoid this situation, a thermal protector is usually installed on the sliding door motor to monitor the temperature of the motor and automatically cut off the power supply when the motor temperature is found to be too high, in order to protect the motor.

sliding door motor thermal protector

For example, the use of thermal protectors for car sliding door motors is mainly to prevent motor damage or safety accidents due to overheating. The sliding door motor is mainly used to control the opening and closing of the side sliding doors of the vehicle. Compared with traditional manual sliding doors, the sliding door motor can automatically complete the process of opening and closing the door, providing a more convenient and user-friendly user experience.


The sliding door motor is prone to overheating during prolonged operation or high load conditions. If measures are not taken in a timely manner, the motor may be damaged or burned out. Therefore, it is necessary to install HCET series thermal protectors in the sliding door motor.

The HCET series thermal protector is a safety device that can automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature of the motor exceeds the set value, avoiding damage and danger caused by overheating of the motor. The thermal protector has the following functions:

 thermal protector switch for motor

1. Protection of motor: The thermal protector can achieve automatic protection of the motor. When the motor temperature exceeds the preset value, the power supply is automatically disconnected to prevent damage or burnout of the motor.


2. Extending service life: By timely protecting the motor and avoiding overheating, the service life of the motor can be extended, and the failure rate and maintenance cost can be reduced.


3. Improve safety: The thermal protector can avoid dangerous situations such as fire and explosion caused by overheating of the motor, and improve the safety of the entire access control system.

In  a short, the sliding door motor is equipped with a thermal protector to protect the normal operation and service life of the motor, while also providing security for the access control system. Therefore, when selecting sliding door motors and thermal protectors, reasonable configuration and settings should be made based on actual needs and usage conditions.

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