HCET Temperature controllers application case of tipper motor thermal protector manufacture in china

When the motor cannot be started or overheats during use, it indicates that the motor may have reached its service life and must be replaced. Temperature controllers  Thermal protector is often selected as the protective element of motor.

November 18, 2022

Thermal protector, also called temperature switch, is a protective switch device in the motor, which is designed to prevent internal overheating in case of motor failure. This overheating usually occurs when the motor is overloaded, the bearing is stuck, prevents it from rotating, or the motor cannot start normally. Failure of motor starting winding may cause starting failure.

The thermal protector consists of one or more thermal sensing elements embedded in the motor or motor compressor and external control devices. The thermal protection shuts down the motor when excessive heat is generated in the motor circuit. This safety function can stop when the temperature rises, and then burn out the motor. Once the motor has cooled to safe operating temperature, the thermal protector will normally reset itself. It is not convenient for the motor to stop due to the tripping of thermal limit device, but it is certainly better than that the motor must be replaced due to overheating. In addition, shutdown can remind you that there is a problem with the motor or connected equipment, or there is a problem with the load on the motor. When the motor cannot be started or overheated during operation, it may indicate that the motor has reached its service life and must be replaced. But usually the fault is not on the motor at all. For example, the load attached to the motor may have obstacles, resulting in excessive load and heat accumulation in the motor.

HCET-C thermal temperature switch

For example, it is used in the tipper motor, which will soon overheat when the motor is stuck. On the motor equipped with thermal protection, the device will disconnect the current flowing to the motor winding, so that the motor can be cooled down. The operator will be reminded of the problems caused by the shutdown of the motor, so that the operator can check the condition of the motor equipment and protect the safe operation of the gold point.

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