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New Energy Vehicle AC Charging Gun Solution - HCET thermal cutoff

April 25, 2023

Application Cases of Haichuan HCET Bimetal  Temperature Control


New Energy Vehicle AC Charging Gun Solution - HCET thermal cutoff
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Due to the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles, relevant departments also attach great importance to the performance and safety of charging piles. In order to popularize charging piles, the government and various social forces have gradually deployed intelligent charging piles to parking lots in various community streets, greatly alleviating the charging problems of community residents. As an electric vehicle charging connector, it directly affects the safety of electric vehicles during the charging process.

 HCET-B self hold thermal protector

 Although the device is small, its function is astonishing. At a smaller level, it directly affects the quality of a charging experience; To put it further, it indirectly affects the development of the entire new energy vehicle industry. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the overheating and overcurrent protection of the charging gun.

Haichuan  Temperature Control self-hold thermal protector HCET-A   HCET-B  series overload protector is widely used in the protection of new energy vehicle charging guns from overheating and overcurrent. When the charging temperature reaches the preset temperature of the overload protector, the temperature control system will automatically cut off the power supply, stop charging, wait for the temperature to drop, and then start charging again. In this way, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of danger such as spontaneous combustion or socket melting due to high temperature during charging.


Recently, a customer contacted  us and wanted to find a suitable overload protector for the charging gun of new energy vehicles, which requires both current and temperature protection. Therefore, we recommend the HCET-B  series overload protector to him. After testing, the customer ultimately chose the HCET-B series overload protector.

Haichuan provides protection for the safety of new energy vehicles.

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