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NTC is a high-precision temperature sensor with stable performance and high reliability. Widely used in temperature measurement and control of household air conditioners, automobile air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, water dispensers, heaters, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, washing machines, dryers, medium and low temperature drying ovens, and incubators.

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 HCET NTC Series Sensor  


Product features:

About HCET  NTC Series Sensor  


1. Using a new technology, the product has stable performance and can work for a long time.

2. The resistance value and B value have high precision, good consistency and are interchangeable.

3. High sensitivity and quick response.

4. It has good insulation and sealing properties, resistance to mechanical collision and bending, and high reliability.

5. Wires are optional and customized;

Technical parameter

 HCET  NTC Series Sensor  

Operating temperature


Resistance value

2KΩ 5KΩ 10kΩ 20kΩ 100KΩ 200KΩ customize

B value 3380K 3435K 3950K 4016K 4250K 4537K customize
Resistance Tolerance0.1% 0.3% 1% 2.5% 3%  customize
Max.operating voltage30V
Wire lengthCustomized
Probe size:Customized

HCET  NTC Series Sensor  Application:

Temperature control and temperature detection of household appliances such as induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, microwave oven, electric heating machine, industrial, environmental protection, meteorology, food processing equipment, and office automation equipment (such as copiers, printers) , temperature detection and temperature compensation of instrument coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples.Also used in evcharing and medical equipment.


Product assurance
    High accuracy

Stable performance
  • 03

    Good synchronization

Strong reliability
  • 05

    Long service life  
  • 06

    Small radio interference
Independent strength R & D

Haichuan temperature control has its own professional R & D team, which has successively obtained dozens of "invention patents" and "utility model patents", and can carry out directional design and development according to the needs of users' products

Accurate and reliable quality

The original imported core components adopt American EMS chips. Haichuan temperature control products have passed the international authoritative certification such as UI, TUV, CQC, ISO / TS16949, CTI and SGS to achieve precision protection.

Complete functional specifications

Haichuan temperature control products have complete specifications, and can choose many existing models such as "automatic reset", "power-off reset", "temperature and current double protection", which can effectively reduce the development cost and time for you.

Efficient production and fast delivery

Haichuan temperature control self built factory, introduced full-automatic production line and full-automatic chip forming machine, realized full-automatic assembly, more efficient production capacity, greatly shortened production cycle, and ensured faster delivery

How about your products quality ?
We pays great attention to the quality control ,advanced testing equipment  and Professional Quality Engineer, multiple  testing process  to ensure that the product 100%qualified delivery .
What certificates you get ?
We have get 5 certificates --CQC : GB/T14536 , ISO/TS 16949 , EN 60730 , UL60730-1 and some products design rights.
How about the shipment and delivery time?
The true delivery time depend on the quantity and products. Here need 5-7 days to produce for normal orders. We prefer to use international express like FedEx/UPS/TNT/DHL,but the shipment can be chose by our clients.
Can you help us to design the protector?
Yes, we focus on the researching. We have technicians to work it. You just send your products to us, and tell us thespecifications. We will design it and give you offer.
Can we get some samples ? How can I get the samples?
We can provide 5-10 pcs thermal protector samples for free, but the overseas shipping cost will in your side. Pls let us know your specific contact information and specificateion, if you want to have free samples from us.
How long is the delivery time?
Our common lead time for bimetal thermal switch is 15 to 35 days upon receipt of advance. If we have inventory, the lead time could be 7-10 days. For new products ,the lead time would be 25 to 40 days. Sometimes rush orders are also acceptable, but the lead time should be agreed by both sides before order release.

What is your website?,,
Are you a manufacturer?
Yeah. We are. And we own 3 workshops, 2 offices about 120 workers. Our factory is in Nanjing city  Jiangsu, near Shanghai. All clients are welcome to visit our factory.
How to test the opening & reset temperatures?
Testing be done in the oven that the precision of constant temp is ±1℃. When testing, the thermocouple or thermometer should be place nearest to samples. During temperature rising ,when the temperature reaches 10℃ less than rated temperature, the temperature rising rate should be less than 0.5℃per minute and the testing current should be no more than 0.01A.

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