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What is Top 7 Benefits of HCET Thermal Protector Switch? | Haichuan

 HCET Thermal protector  doesn't fail abruptly and relatively has a long useful life. This reduces the cost in terms of maintenance and reduces your headache for periodical replacements.

June 21, 2022

HCET thermal protector is very important for safety and prevention of fire and other unfortunate situations. The thermal protection switch can not only prevent the circuit from being damaged, but also make the circuit work safer and more efficient. What are the advantages of the  HCET thermal protection switch?

What is a good thermal protector ?

Good Thermal protector is a kind of protection device used to detect circuit overheating. Once an overheating condition is detected, the thermal protector will disconnect the power supply of the electronic circuit. This operation is very important because it helps prevent fire or damage to the motor or electronic equipment. Thermal protection switch is mainly used for circuit repetition and safety switch. Basically, this electromechanical device can open and close contacts to regulate the current as a response to temperature changes.

Application of thermal protection switch

The best thing about the thermal protection switch is its versatility. These micro devices have many applications, including transformers, sensor motors, coils and electronic devices. You can find thermal switches in almost all ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, hot water kettles, and other electronic devices. Because the main idea behind the thermal protection switch is to control the flow of current and provide safety performance, these devices are widely used.

Top 7 advantages of HCET  safety thermal protection switch

Now that you know what the thermal protection switch is and why the motor overload protection is very important, it is time to pay attention to the thermal protector made by hcet. If you want to know the benefits of hcet thermal protection switch, you will get the answer below. Here are the seven most important advantages.

1. good sealing performance

As these devices have good sealing performance, they can prevent product failure caused by vacuum impregnation process, and the vacuum degree is -0.09mpa. Vacuum impregnation is considered the preferred technique for sealing pores to prevent gas and fluid leakage under pressure.

2.Small size 

The thermal protection switch manufactured by hcet is small in size, depending on the product model, and other sizes can be customized. The safety thermal protection switch is round and square, and is made of plastic, metal shell and ceramic shell. The compact size allows the motor thermal protection switch to be easily installed in the coil. The compact size allows this thermal protection switch to have a wide range of applications

3. High thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity

The metal housing of hcet thermal protection switch can withstand coil forming pressure up to 60kg. Therefore, it has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity. The operating temperature of hcet thermal protection switch can reach up to 250 ℃, which is in a leading position in the industry.

4. Precise temperature control


The effectiveness and function of the thermal protection switch depend on the ability to control the temperature correctly. What makes the device stand out are the characteristics of accurate temperature control and bimetallic disc without current and thermal effects.


5.Authoritative certification


The safety of these thermostats is critical and the only way to achieve this is for the manufacturer to meet all standards and comply with all rules, standards and regulations. Hcet thermal protection switch has all authoritative certifications, including cqc/ul/vde/tuv/cb/rohs. These certificates prove the quality, safety, environmental protection and effectiveness of these equipment.

6. wide temperature range

The wide temperature range of 60 to 180 or 250 degrees enables the thermal protection switch to provide safety for current and equipment.

7. long service life

The durability of the thermal protection switch made by hcet means that it has proved to be a huge investment in safety and efficacy no matter how it is used.


 As shown above, the thermal protection switch manufactured by HCET has many advantages. Let's focus on two options worth considering.

S01 series overheat protector

S01 series is a small thermal protection switch, which has passed all the famous authority certification. The temperature range is 60-250 degrees and the maximum operating voltage is 500vac/60vdc. These devices have a height of 4.6 mm and a diameter of 8.9 mm. This well sealed thermal protection switch is also the first circular thermal protection switch in China to obtain CQC, UL, TUV and other certifications

thermal protector

17AM  Series  Thermal Protector

The 17AM series thermal protector  is a both temperature and current  sensitive protector .

Small size ,high capacity .



The thermal protector switch regulates the current and prevents possible potential damage. In this article, we focus on the hcet thermal protection switch and its seven amazing advantages. Hcet is a reliable brand in this industry and is famous for its high-quality equipment with all well-known certifications. We always provide the best service to all our customers. Please feel free to contact us for more details about the motor thermal protection switch.


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