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HCET-A-S01 Thermal protector temperature limiter   
Stable performance and high temperature control accuracy
Product Technical specifications:

HCET Temperature limiters are fitted as safety devices into electric motors, heaters and transformers for popular brands of domestic appliances. 

They are often known as temperature controllers, temperature monitors or safety temperature limiters.


Nominal switching temperature (NST) in 5°C

50 °C - 230 °C

Tolerance (standard)

±3 K / ±5 K
Reverse switch temperature (RST)≥ 35 °C (≤ 80°C NST)
-35 K ± 15 K (≥ 85°C ≤ 180° C NST)
-65 K ± 15 K (≥ 185° C ≤ 200° C NST)


(defined reset temperature possible on customer request)

Installation height from

4.3 mm


9.5 mm

Length of the insulation cap

15.0 mm
Resistance to impregnationsuitable

Suitable for installation in protection class

Pressure resistance to the switch housing450 N
Standard connectionLead wire 0.25 mm² / AWG22
Operating voltage range AC / DCup until 500 V AC / 14 V DC
Rated voltage AC250 V (VDE) 277 V (UL)
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 1.0 / cycles2.5 A / 10,000
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 0.6 / cycles1.6 A / 10,000
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 0.4 / cycles1.8 A / 10,000
Rated voltage DC12.0 V
Max. switching current DC / cycles40.0 A / 5,000
High voltage resistance2.0 kV


  New energy charging pile, new energy conversion plug, charging gun
Electric tools, snow sweepers 
Washing machine motor, juice machine motor, soybean milk machine, etc  
Identification description

NO. Comments

I MODEL NO.: HCET-A  According to the specific requirements of customers

II TEMPERATURE CODE: Action temperature from 30°C-155°C

III INTERNAL CODE: B: normally closed, K:normally open;

IV SHELL CODE: The material and size of shell code

Appearance dimension

Design principle

Series 01 switch gear is fixed in a positive lock and automatically aligned between the floor of the conductive housing (1) and the contact cap made of steel (2) and insulated from it, plus an integrated fixed silver contact (6), which closes the housing like a button battery. At the same time, the spring snap plate (3) constituting the current transmission element bears the movable contact (4), and discharges current and self heating from the bimetallic plate (5) by applying a continuous and stable contact pressure. The bimetal disc (5) is fixed on a movable contact (4) through which the contact extends without welding or fixing. Therefore, it can work continuously (exposure) and react only to the ambient temperature in the equipment to be protected. When the rated switching temperature is reached, the bimetallic sheet (5) is clamped in its reverse position and the spring clamp sheet (3) is pushed downward.

 The contact is suddenly disconnected, and the temperature rise of the protected equipment is interrupted. If the ambient temperature now drops, when the specified reset temperature is reached, the bimetallic strip (5) will bounce back to its original position and the contact will close again

Product assurance
  • 01
    High accuracy

  • 02
    Stable performance
  • 03
    Good synchronization

Strong reliability

  • 05
    Long service life 

  • 06
    Small radio interference量保证体系,坚持“以标准流程操作,用正确数据说话”原则进行全面质量管理,实物质量评定标准以“顾客期望”及...
Independent strength R & D

Haichuan temperature control has its own professional R & D team, which has successively obtained dozens of "invention patents" and "utility model patents", and can carry out directional design and development according to the needs of users' products

Accurate and reliable quality

The original imported core components adopt American EMS chips. Haichuan temperature control products have passed the international authoritative certification such as UI, TUV, CQC, ISO / TS16949, CTI and SGS to achieve precision protection.

Complete functional specifications

Haichuan temperature control products have complete specifications, and can choose many existing models such as "automatic reset", "power-off reset", "temperature and current double protection", which can effectively reduce the development cost and time for you.

Efficient production and fast delivery

Haichuan temperature control self built factory, introduced full-automatic production line and full-automatic chip forming machine, realized full-automatic assembly, more efficient production capacity, greatly shortened production cycle, and ensured faster delivery

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