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Advantages of a system with a continuously movable bimetal disc:

Increased work capacity

Greater contact stability/contact pressure

More efficient use of space thanks to the circular design (miniaturisation)

Simple geometry: capable of bearing more mechanical stress

Cost-effective production (simple tools)

Longer service life

Better long-term stability

Lower contact resistances

More precise switching point accuracy

No premature switching

Very precise switching point response to ambient temperature only

June 25, 2022

What is a thermal protector / temperature limiter?

As a safety device, the temperature limiter is installed in the motors, heaters and transformers of popular 

household appliances. They are commonly referred to as temperature controllers, temperature monitors, 

or safety temperature limiters.

Normally closed (NC) and normally open (no) thermal protectors are distinguished. Traditional protection devices 

usually have NC thermal protectors, but without thermal protectors, it is more suitable to ensure the safe, reliable

 and uninterrupted operation of the device.

Thermal circuit breakers are commonly used in motors, transformers, heating equipment and traditional household 

equipment such as mixers and kettles.

HCET  focuses on the development and production of bimetal thermal protectors. However, our product line also includes

 PTC motor protection sensors and resistors as well as customized PTC heating elements. Hcet products are mainly used for 

special applications in the household equipment industry and the automotive industry. They prevent overheating of 

components and terminal equipment due to excessive stress.

Many people are very familiar with the temperature controller. The function of the temperature controller is very powerful.

 It can help us control the temperature. It is widely used in many places. However, many people do not understand the

 working principle of the temperature controller. Here is an introduction to let you have a deeper understanding of the

 working principle of the temperature controller.

How it works?

The  temperature controller is an automatic adjustment device based on the principle of thermal expansion and cold

 contraction of temperature sensing liquid and incompressibility of liquid, which can make the temperature in the box

 change within the specified range. When the control temperature rises or falls, the temperature sensing liquid can 

correspondingly expand or contract to turn down or start the heat medium, so as to achieve the rise and fall of temperature.

 The ambient temperature is automatically sampled and monitored by the temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature

 of the thermostat is higher than the control set value, the control circuit starts, and the control return difference can be set.

 The relay contact is terminated with the cooling fan of the chassis, and a temperature value such as 28 ° C is set. When the

 temperature in the chassis exceeds 28 ° C, the control terminal is at low level, the relay is closed, and the fan is started for cooling.

It is most necessary for office workers' families to automatically switch and adjust the wall mounted furnace in advance or later

 every day without manual operation; The room temperature is automatically adjusted in the morning, afternoon and evening

 every day to avoid the embarrassment of getting up in the morning and waiting for the room to warm up after work; 

Change the backward and extensive water temperature control to the advanced and accurate room temperature control.

 In addition, it operates at the specified room temperature in different periods of time and on demand, without open day

 and night gas heating; When the room temperature is too low, the wall mounted boiler is forced to start, and only a little

 gas is required to safely protect the room from freezing.

The working principle of the temperature controller thermal protector switch  is not complicated. I believe that after the

 introduction, we have a more comprehensive understanding of how the temperature controller works. Although the temperature

 controller is small, it is also essential. With the temperature controller, we can automatically adjust the temperature, eliminating 

the trouble of manual operation. It is very convenient and indispensable in many places.

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