HCET Strive for a new journey and a new era of Construction Engineering

Nanjing Haichuan Electronics Co., Ltd. in the Development Zone is a modern technology enterprise, focusing on the R & D and production of sensitive protection components and sensor products! In recent years, this enterprise has been moving forward, steadily developing in the mode of technology industry, with outstanding comprehensive benefits, great industry influence and strong demonstration driving force.

August 23, 2022
HCET Strive for a new journey and a new era of Construction Engineering

With good enterprise growth, it has won the list of Nanjing Gazelle Enterprises in 2022! It is understood that,This is also the third consecutive year that this company has been included in this list!

Gazelle is an antelope with quick reaction, good at jumping and running, and also wears an electronic certificate. Jumped into a period of high growth like a spirit. In the interview, the person in charge of the enterprise will often tell reporters that the reason why Haichuan's gazelle runs fast and jumps high is that it can not be separated from the research and development of new products and the investment of new equipment over the years. On a product, there are moving contacts, in and out points and chips integrated in this small one.Through the German in-film welding technology, it is made like this, and then packaged, mainly for new energy, car charging guns, charging piles.

In the interview, Chang Jiang introduced the latest R & D products of the company with great interest, such as new energy and micro-protector, which is only 10 mm in length, 5 mm in width and 2 mm in thickness! Although it is the smallest member of the enterprise's R & D and production so far, it has been used in the latest field of new energy, and is currently applying for invention patents.

Since this product was put into production in March this year, future automobile, BYD and other enterprises have placed orders every month, becoming a stable source of customers for enterprises. Up to now, it still wears electronic priesthood, and the research and development of technological innovation products has been transformed into rich output value.

It is also necessary to continuously increase investment in equipment renewal. In order to ensure the performance of another product constant temperature protector, the company has just invested 1.2 million yuan and arranged three thermostats, automatic packaging machines and put them into use. This is a fully automated equipment in our channel, a constant temperature protector with a life span of 100000 times. Its efficiency will be very high, and it can replace the team of 20 workers.Then to ensure the accuracy of the product, the product, including its performance, will be more sensitive to protect the modern science and technology enterprises. Since its inception, Haichuan Electronics has adhered to the technological innovation line, optimized and upgraded the products of well-known foreign counterparts, and gradually broken the technological monopoly of foreign counterparts in the domestic market, making Haichuan brand more and more famous in the same industry.

Up to now, the company has more than 30 inventions and utility models of independent patented products! It has passed the international safety certification of China Quality Certification Center CQC, the United States UVL, Canada CSA, the European Union TUV, Japan PSE, and the enterprise adopts advanced automatic production technology and strict quality control.Its sensitive protection components and sensors are widely used in new energy, automotive and smart home industries. Its main products include automotive motor protection sensitive components, automotive seat heating systems, temperature protection sensitive components, new energy, charging systems, temperature protection sensitive elements, smart home, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc.

The enterprise has built Nanjing Sensitive Protection and Assistance Engineering Research Center, which has not only been rated as Nanjing Frozen Age Enterprise for three consecutive years, but also won the title of Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, and has been listed on the New Fourth Board of Jiangsu Stock Exchange Center. In the future, Haichuan Company will continue to cultivate the sensor market with the thinking of Hainabaichuan, and realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise intelligent manufacturing.Insist on R & D investment, continuously introduce the world's advanced automated production equipment, build a fully automatic unmanned intelligent production line, and promote the company to become a domestic first-class international advanced scientific and technological enterprise with core competitiveness.

We will continue to increase investment in research and development. In the period of rapid growth of new energy and automobiles, our products will keep up with its research and development speed and strive to have a larger market in the domestic automotive field.  

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