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HCET -A 01 Thermostat temperature control switch

 Precise protector with small size. It is sensitive, accurateand reliable, especially suitable for heat cable, battery protection board, micro-motor and security protection of transformer. The patent number: ZL2013 



Technical Data

 Normally closed/Normally open

Nominal switching temperature, in 5K-step(TK)  :60~180℃

Tolerance-Standard    :±5K/±8K/±10K

Reset temperature range:   -30K±15K

Max.operating voltage: 500VAC/60VDC

Working current:250VAC, 6A

Cycles at 250VAC/3.0A cosφ1.010000

Cycles at 250VAC/6.3A cosφ1.0  3000/N

Cycles at 250VAC/4.0A cosφ0.45  1000/N

Cycles at 250VAC/1.0A cosφ0.45  10000/N

Contact resistance(lead length 55mm)<50mΩ/N


Technical parameters

Temperature tolerance: optional: ±3℃,±5℃;

 All adhesive parts are subjected to 3.0 tension without displacement.

Insulation voltage:1.5KV 

Insulation sleeve length “a”>15mm

Diameter “d”<8.9mm   

Height “h”<4.6mm

Lead wire-electric   

UL3398 AWG22 300V 150℃ 

Lead wire-teflon   

UL10362 AWG22 600V 250℃

Lead wire-silicone:UL3135 AWG24 600V 200℃   

Outgoing line length-standard 

Wire  length : Customizable



• Motors
• Transformers
• Coils
• Electronics, sensor
Integration of Resources:
• Integration of global supply chain resources, we purchase bimetal-disc from the world’s largest bimetal-disc material
manufacturer EMS in the Unitd States and case from German supplier who uses stamping forming technology.
• Spring which material comes from NGK Japan and manufactured by Japanese stamping supplier.
• Silver plating technology on case and spring which greatly reduces the contact resistance.
• The key component bimetal-disc produced by fully automated molding equipment and sorted by tunnel oven separation equipment is
good consistency and stable performance.

    Efficient production and fast delivery Haichuan temperature control self built factory has introduced full-automatic production lines and full-automatic chip forming machines to achieve full-automatic assembly, more efficient production capacity, greatly shorten the production cycle and ensure faster delivery
    Complete functional specifications Haichuan temperature control products have complete specifications, and you can choose various existing models such as "automatic reset", "power-off reset", "temperature and current dual protection", which can effectively reduce the development cost and time for you
    Accurate and reliable quality The original imported core components adopt American EMS chips, and Haichuan temperature control products have passed the UI, TUV, CQC, iso/ts16949, CTI, SGS and other international authoritative certification to achieve accuracy protection
    Independent strength research and development Haichuan temperature control has its own professional R & D team, which has successively obtained dozens of "invention patents" and "utility model patents", and can carry out directional design and development according to the needs of users' products


1.How about your products quality ?
We are very very care our products quality. Our management is very seriously, every product need to be inspected beforeshipment. Our products quality up to the Europe and America's standards. But our prices are lower than this country, it isreasonable.
2.What is the minimum order quantity?
3.What is your website?,,


1.Our products win the domestic and foreign consumers’ favor and praise.
2.Own bimetallic material manufacturing and research and development base.
3.We are one of Chinese thermal protector & thermostats factory supplier.
4.20 year's experience in the R&D and design of bimetallic protection components.

About Haichuan

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Nanjing Haichuan Electronic Co., Ltd. located in Luhe Economic Development Zone, Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, China, it was established on August 5th, 2010. It is a high-quality thermal protector, temperature switch, over-current protector manufacturers, vigorously introduce Austria, the United States and other places technology and more than 20 advanced equipment, especially committed to the automotive field of high-reliable Protector R & D and Manufacturing! The company has passed the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification and has a number of independent Patents. Its products have passed the international safety certification of many countries such as UL, TUV, CQC, PSE, etc. Products are widely used in glass elevator motor, wiper motor, skylight motor, car water tank, car heating pad, white household appliances and other occasions that need reliable and safe protection, is one of the most complete specifications in the field of automotive electrical protectors, the company has become an excellent supplier to the cooperation units of many mainframes manufacturers in China. More than 60% of the company's products are exported to the United States, Canada, the European Union, Brazil, Taiwan and other countries and regions. With the company's mature technical strength and sound management system, to provide customers with cost-effective products and services.

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