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HCET temperature protector for Automatic Shoe Polisher | Haichuan

Electric shoe shining machine is an electronic product created by combining the traditional manual shoe shining process with modern technology. It can completely free our hands to put shoes in the shoe brushing area under the machine for shoe shining.

September 13, 2022

The electric shoe shining machine is composed of a control circuit and a mechanical transmission part. Among them, the mechanical transmission part is driven by a small motor to rotate the roller with the brush, so as to achieve the purpose of wiping shoes. The core is a small motor. In this set of transmission system mechanism, small motors are prone to overload or gambling due to lack of lubricating oil, bearing wear, rust, dust, and different forces of people's feet, which may burn the motor, burn the motor and wires, and even cause fire accidents. Therefore, temperature protection and gambling protection circuits must be designed for the motor to ensure safe operation.


For motor protection, we can choose bimetal temperature switch. After the motor is overloaded or locked up, the current is very large, which makes its temperature rise rapidly. When the bimetal temperature switch senses high temperature, it opens the circuit, and the motor temperature drops, thus protecting the use of the motor and protecting against large current. However, many customers are worried that after the motor temperature drops, the temperature switch will switch on the motor that has been rotated again, and the motor will start circularly. When the motor continues to heat up, the temperature control switch will protect again, so that it will operate circularly. If the user cleans up foreign matters or makes an inspection after the motor rotates, the motor suddenly runs, which may cause personal injury and other accidents. Don't worry about this. We have also upgraded the product in response to this phenomenon.

We make the product into a power-off reset type temperature switch for overload protection and temperature protection of the motor, so that there will be no adverse consequences or disasters caused by repeated starting of the motor. The power-off reset type temperature switch can not only complete overcurrent protection and overtemperature protection at the same time, but also maintain this protection state until the power is turned off. This can effectively avoid all kinds of possible and potential problems and hidden dangers of the above automatic shoe shining machine.

HCET 17AM motor switch

Haichuan HCET-B,6AP,17AM  and other series products can be made into power-off reset type. We can match the most appropriate temperature switch model according to the motor performance of customers.

HCET thermal protector

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