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The heater temperature control switch is a switch with a bimetallic sheet as a temperature sensing element. When the heater is working normally, the bimetallic piece is in a free state and the contact is in a closed state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature of the heater, the bimetallic element is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly, pushing the moving contact piece, opening the contact and cutting off circuit to control the temperature. When the heater cools down to the set reset temperature, the contact is automatically closed and the normal working state is restored.

September 24, 2022

Because of its high quality, long service life and sensitive temperature sensitivity, the temperature control switch of Haichuan stands out from the thermal  protectors in the market. A well-known heater manufacturer from Germany specially came to our company from Germany. This is his third visit. When he came to Nanjing Haichuan, after the first preliminary understanding and the second overall evaluation, he was full of praise for the quality of our products. It can be said that the quality of HCET is far ahead of other companies in the industry. Especially the thermal protector, which is sensitive to temperature, has passed the test of their 100,000 service life. This time finally brought good news, and signed an order for 2 million thermostats on September 24, 2022.

Next, Nanjing Haichuan has been preparing to increase the research and development of new products, striving for innovation, so that the diversified development of products is suitable for various high temperature overcurrent overload protection, providing professional comprehensive solutions for customers, and improving the after-sales service system. It is believed that the Haichuan thermal protector project will definitely Will take off again!

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