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The application of intelligent faucet thermal protector

With the increasingly intelligent development of household products, many products pay more attention to the convenience of people and the health and safety of life from the perspective of people-oriented.

Such as smart faucets, water cups, etc., it can display and control temperature, and it can also avoid accidental injury and use it safely.Thermal protector is an important electronic component to realize this function.

October 26, 2022

 HCET thermal protector

 There are two types of smart faucets:

A. Spiral heating body heated in the water tank.

B. Die-cast heating body heating, a leakage protector is connected to the heating power line. 


The overheating protection device adopts one of the following two:

1. when the form A is adopted, a thermal protection chamber sleeve is set beside the spiral heater in the water tank, and a normally open temperature switch is installed in the thermal protection chamber sleeve, and the normally open temperature switch is connected to the leakage protector;  When the B type is adopted, the normally open temperature switch is fixed on the surface of the die casting heating body.    

2.The electric water faucet is equipped with a temperature measuring probe. If the form A is adopted, the temperature measuring probe is located in the probe sleeve. If the form B is adopted, the temperature measuring probe is located on the outlet pipe. The electric water faucet is also equipped with a microcontroller. The signal line of the temperature measuring probe is connected to the microcontroller, and the switch signal line output by the microcontroller is connected to the leakage protector


The protection principle : the thermal protector detects the heating temperature and judges whether it is at the safe temperature. If it exceeds the set temperature, it can control the circuit to open and close, thus protecting the safe use of the electric faucet.


The outstanding advantages of temperature measurement with mechanical thermal protector switch are very high sensitivity, high measurement accuracy, good consistency and low price. Moreover, because the size of the thermal protector switch can be very small, it is particularly suitable to be placed in a space with a small installation environment.

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