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circuit breaker

You’re in the right place for circuit breaker.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Haichuan.we guarantee that it’s here on Haichuan.
The development of Haichuan has taken different things into consideration. During the R&D stage, the electrical heating elements such as the thermal circuit breaker, electric clearance, and creepage distance between two electric conductors will be thought over by the developers. .
We aim to provide the highest quality circuit breaker.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Customized HCET KSD301 Manual reset bakelite model thermostat
HC301/KSD301 series snap action themostat is a micro bimetallic temperature control switch. It utilizes the principle of bimetal disc instantaneous trip off under action temperature, then circuit was cut off or connected via this mechanical function.Its working temperature is fixed, no adjustment is required, long service life, litter arcing and strong resistance to wireless interference.
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