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overcurrent thermal Switch

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HCET high quality overload and over-current motor thermal protector
This overcurrent protector uses advanced electronic technology and precision thermal sensing elements to accurately detect abnormal current in the circuit in an instant.Once an overcurrent situation occurs, the protector will immediately cut off the power supply to prevent equipment damage.At the same time, it also has multiple functions such as short-circuit protection and over-voltage protection to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment in an all-round way.
HCET-A series temperature control switch is used in BMS battery management system
Introducing the essential role of the Thermal Switch in BMS (Battery Management System) for electric vehicles (EVs). This crucial component ensures optimal battery performance, safety, and longevity, regulating temperature to maximize efficiency and prevent overheating. Thermal Switches are essential for EVs, ensuring a worry-free and sustainable mode of transportation. 
HCET-A Series Overcurrent and Overheating Protector
As industrial and domestic electricity loads continue to increase, more and more electrical equipment will have problems such as overcurrent and overheating during operation. If measures cannot be taken in time to protect them, it will have serious influence for personal safety and the integrity of the equipment. In order to avoid this situation, people began to widely use overcurrent and overthermal protectors. As one of the representative products, the HCET-A series overcurrent and overthermal protectors have also attracted much attention for their principles, functions and applications.
HCET 88 Series AC motor protection thermal overload protector temperature switch overcurrent protector circuit breaker
The shell of the HC10/88/98 series overload protector is designed with a high-temperature resistant plastic shell, which can prevent damage to motors or transformers caused by excessive temperature or current.
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