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HCET NT-104S N43 180C temperature switch bimetal thermostat thermal cut off with thermal fuse
The HCET-C series thermal protector is a combination of thermal protector and thermal cut off. It has double protections. Safer and more reliable. Widely used in heating pads, electric blankets, pet pad, etc.
Hair Straightener Temperature Control Switch
Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to sleek locks with our Hair Straightener's innovative temperature control switch! Achieve the perfect salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home, with customizable heat settings to suit any hair type.
HCET KSD-01F/JUC-31F Temperature Control Switch 0 -160 degrees Normally Closed Normally Open Thermal Protector
The JUC-31F/KSD-01F/HC03 thermal protector is a contact sensitive temperature jump type plastic sealed temperature controller, with an insulated outer shell, stable working performance, long service life, sensitive and reliable product action without arcing, convenient installation, and low radio interference. It is widely used in fields such as circuit boards, switching power supplies, chargers, and ballasts.
High Speed Blender Motor DC Thermal Protector| Haichuan
The thermal protector is a thermal element that automatically disconnects the circuit to protect the motor when the motor temperature is too high. The triggering temperature of the thermal protector is 40-250℃ to ensure that the protection device can be triggered in time when the motor overheats to avoid damage to the motor. 
HCET 3MP Series Thermal Protector Technical Principle
3MP series thermal protectors are widely used in 120V and 250V AC circuits in household motors (such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and vacuum cleaners, etc.) and industrial motors. The 3MP series thermal protectors have become a well-recognized product in the industry due to their wide application in household motors and industrial motors and their emphasis on installation flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
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