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KSD301 thermal switch

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The product does not harm the human body. People can rest assured that any dye molecules or heavy metal ions are all removed during the fabric treatment. .
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HCET KSD301 Temperature Control Switch Fixed Ring Bakelite Flat Angle Thermostat
The HC301/KSD301 series sudden jump bimetallic sheet protector has an automatic reset function, utilizing the principle of disc shaped bimetallic sheets producing instantaneous jumping under the action of temperature. Through the action of the mechanism, the contacts are quickly activated to achieve the purpose of disconnecting or connecting the circuit.
Customized HCET KSD301 manufacturers From China | Haichuan
Hc 301 series    snap action temperature controller is a kind of temperature controller which uses bimetallic sheet as temperature sensing component.[Temperature]: 50 ℃ - 250 ℃, one specification every 5 ℃ and one specification every 5 ℃. Any temperature within the range can be provided according to customer requirements[Features]: small volume, more flexible and convenient installation;It has stable working characteristics and excellent reliability; Sensitive to temperature, fast action speed; 
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