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Self-hold Motor Protector

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HCET Self-hold Motor Protector-HCET-B
HCET-B(Self-hold) current and overload protector with thermal protection and control Current overload time exactly,reset after cut power. Widely used in power tools, snowplows, and various home appliance motors.
HCET 3MP Series High Quality Bimetal Thermal Protector
3MP(Self-hold) current and overload protector with thermal protection and control Current overload timeexactly,reset after cut power.
Soybean milk machine motor overheat protector - HCET-B
 In this paper, we will introduce HECT-B Series motor protector in detail the protection principle, function and its importance in user use. Soybean milk machine motor overheating protection is a key technology, it can effectively protect the soybean milk machine motor from overheating during the working process. 
Application of HCET-B Series in diving sewage pump
The use of the HCET-B series temperature switch is recommended, which can accurately sense the ambient temperature and automatically switches the gear according to the set threshold, ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment in the working process.
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