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Application of HCET Temperature Switch  for Transformer  | Haichuan
Transformers are a common type of power equipment used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another to achieve voltage ups and downs. During the operation of transformers, a certain amount of heat will be generated, especially when operating under heavy loads. If the temperature rises quickly and exceeds the temperature range that the transformer can withstand, it can lead to equipment overheating, damage, and even fire safety risks. Therefore, it is necessary to install temperature switches in transformers. HCET temperature switches are widely used in various types of transformers, including distribution transformers, ring transformers, power transformers, special purpose transformers, etc.
HCET-4344 thermal protector in CT cardiac color ultrasound machine
HCET-4344 series precision thermostat uses a fast-response bimetal disc as an actuator. With fast and accurate thermostatic control function. 4344 precision thermostat is suitable for semiconductor refrigeration pumps, medical incubators, marine engine heaters, etc. 
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