thermal overload protector for transformer

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  • Application of HCET Temperature Switch  for Transformer  | Haichuan
    Application of HCET Temperature Switch for Transformer | Haichuan
    Transformers are a common type of power equipment used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another to achieve voltage ups and downs. During the operation of transformers, a certain amount of heat will be generated, especially when operating under heavy loads. If the temperature rises quickly and exceeds the temperature range that the transformer can withstand, it can lead to equipment overheating, damage, and even fire safety risks. Therefore, it is necessary to install temperature switches in transformers. HCET temperature switches are widely used in various types of transformers, including distribution transformers, ring transformers, power transformers, special purpose transformers, etc.
  • HCET high quality overload and over-current motor thermal protector
    HCET high quality overload and over-current motor thermal protector
    This overcurrent protector uses advanced electronic technology and precision thermal sensing elements to accurately detect abnormal current in the circuit in an instant.Once an overcurrent situation occurs, the protector will immediately cut off the power supply to prevent equipment damage.At the same time, it also has multiple functions such as short-circuit protection and over-voltage protection to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment in an all-round way.
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