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HCET 2023-2024 Annual Corporate Meeting
Welcome to the annual celebration of a leading thermal protector manufacturer! In this video, you'll witness the company's outstanding performance and innovative achievements over the past year. From employee awards to  the company's vision for the future, this video takes you inside the annual gathering of thermal protector experts. Whether you're a professional in the thermal protection industry or interested in innovative technologies, don't miss this exciting video! 
Good News! Congratulations to HCET for winning the title of "Gazelle Enterprise" in Jiangsu Province!
Recently, Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Center released the list of "Gazelle Enterprises" of Jiangsu High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2023. Nanjing Haichuan Electronic Co. was awarded the title of "Gazelle Enterprise" in Jiangsu Province. This honor is a recognition of Haichuan Electronic' s unremitting efforts over the years and a high affirmation of the company's business ability and development potential.
HC02 Electric Motor Protectors Thermal Switch thermostats for DC motor
The shell of HC02 series overload (overcurrent) protector is designed as a high-temperature resistant plastic shell, which is a precise protection element with over-temperature protection function and precise control of current overload. It can effectively prevent the damage caused by excessive temperature and current (motor, transformer, etc.). A variety of enclosures, a variety of wires for your choose!
Haichuan Internal Service Upgrage Training Conference
Haichuan has focused on the research and production of thermal protectors for 20 years, pursuing excellence and making continuous progress. Haichuan aims to provide customers with better products, technologies and services.
Thermal Protector Selection Strategy on Custom Fans | Haichaun
The choice of a normally open or normally closed thermal protector needs to be determined based on the specific application scenario and the functions that need to be implemented.
Intro to The working principle and application of  thermal overheat protector | Haichaun
Overheat protector is a commonly used device for safety protection of electrical equipment, which can provide safety protection in various electrical equipment, including household appliances, motors, lighting devices, and others to effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents,such as fires caused by equipment overheating. 
Application of HCET-T in  Bucket Elevator Motor | Haichuan
Dear user, I recommend HCET-T bucket elevator motor temperature control switch to you. This temperature controlled switch is specially designed for bucket elevator motors, providing comprehensive protection and performance optimization for your equipment.
The invitation of The 24th China International Motor Expo | Haichaun
Dear Sir/Madam,We cordially invite you to join us at the upcoming exhibition. It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with industry leaders and experts, and to explore the latest trends and innovative technologies in our field.
The application case of Juicer temperature protector | Haichuan
This paper presents an application case of a juicer temperature protector technology. By introducing the temperature protector into the juicer and working with the intelligent control system, it can not only ensure the normal operation of the juicer at high temperature, but also effectively prevent the danger and failure caused by overheating. This innovative technology provides users with a safer and more reliable juicing experience.
Application of HECT-C in floor heating device
As a compact volume, long life and strong reliability of electronic components, HCET-C series high precision temperature control switch, It can provide accurate and stable temperature control in various scenarios, and has multiple waterproof, overheating secondary protection and other safety properties. With the continuous expansion of the application fields, it is believed that this product will have a wider application prospect in the future.
Application of thermal protector in welding machine | Haichuan
HCET TB05 thermal protector for welding machine compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market, summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of thermal protector for welding machine can be customized according to your needs. The technology used to manufacture  is innovative and advanced, ensuring standardization production.
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