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bimetal thermal shutoff switch

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Function of Sunroof Motor Thermal Protector cutout switch - HC01 Haichuan Temperature Control
 A car sunroof is a type of open and closed window installed on the roof of the car. Its main function is to increase ventilation and lighting inside the car, improving the driving experience and protect motor safety.
HCET HC02 Series High quality temperature sensing thermal cutoff switch for Automobile Motor
The shell of HC02 series overload (overcurrent) protector is designed as a high-temperature resistant plastic shell, which is a precise protection element with over-temperature protection function and precise control of current overload. It can effectively prevent the damage caused by excessive temperature and current (motor, transformer, etc.). A variety of enclosures, a variety of wires for your choose!
HCET KSD301 Manual reset ceramic housing thermostat
The HC301/KSD301 series sudden jump bimetallic sheet protector has an automatic reset function, utilizing the principle of disc shaped bimetallic sheets producing instantaneous jumping under the action of temperature. Through the action of the mechanism, the contacts are quickly activated to achieve the purpose of disconnecting or connecting the circuit.
Intro to The working principle and application of  thermal overheat protector | Haichaun
Overheat protector is a commonly used device for safety protection of electrical equipment, which can provide safety protection in various electrical equipment, including household appliances, motors, lighting devices, and others to effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents,such as fires caused by equipment overheating. 
Customizable fan thermal protector | Haichuan temperature control switch
The selection of normally open or normally closed type of thermal protector needs to be determined according to the specific application scenarios and functions to be realized. Haichuan can customize the fan thermal protector according to customer needs.
The invitation of The 24th China International Motor Expo | Haichaun
Dear Sir/Madam,We cordially invite you to join us at the upcoming exhibition. It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with industry leaders and experts, and to explore the latest trends and innovative technologies in our field.
During the operation of an electric welding machine, heat is generated at the impedance of the conductor due to the current passing through it, which is based on the principle of Ohm's law (U=IR). Therefore, a large amount of heat is generated during the welding process, which increases the internal temperature of the welding machine. If there are problems with the welding machine circuit, cooling system, radiator, etc., it may cause the internal temperature of the welding machine to not decrease in a timely manner, leading to overheating. 
Secure Your Dishwasher with Thermal Protectors | Haichuan
Are you tired of dealing with a malfunctioning dishwasher? Protect it from overheating  with thermal protectors!  The thermal protector in the dishwasher is a very important safety device, with the advantages of waterproof, pressure resistance, long life and high safety performance. It plays a very important role in the normal operation of the dishwasher.
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